Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 224


Dio didn’t expect William Stryker would come into the secret base at midnight. Fortunately for Dio, he remembered to check at the last minute!

Now all he had to do was backtracked William Stryker’s move before he arrived at his secret base so that Dio could get to the secret base without a problem later!

Dio immediately went to Striker’s home and used the (Moody Blues) to backtrack Stryker’s path.

About two hours later, Dio successfully got the (Moody Blues) to access Striker’s path, and so he followed the (Moody Blues) to the secret base.

About an hour later, Dio arrived at a place that looked like a chemical factory, if it was not because of (Moody Blues), he wouldn’t believe that was the place!

After parking his car in a rather secluded location, Dio immediately swapped the (Moody Blues) into (Khnum) and immediately walked into the guarded place confidently.

But inside the place, Dio was a little bit surprised to see that the guards were all taken down, they had a familiar puncture wound on their chest and stomach, leading Dio to the conclusion that Wolverine was also there!

Dio immediately thought whether this was the time when Logan was chasing after Striker to get his revenge?

This night would be exciting!

But Dio was a little bit curious about how did Logan found this place?

Did Stryker somehow bait Logan to come there?

If it was true, then Logan might be in danger!

As he pushed forward, a man suddenly ran into him, and as soon as the man saw Dio, he tried to get away in fear, but Dio was fast, and thus he immediately grabbed the man’s cloth so that he couldn’t get away.

“What is this place? How come there are so many people died here?” Dio asked intimidatingly.

“This is Colonel William Stryker’s base! This place was dedicated to research a mutant, I don’t know the details, but it seems a mutant was wreaking havoc in this place!” The man said frightenedly.

“Where did the mutant go? Is he already captured? Where is William Stryker? Is he still inside this base?” Dio asked curiously.

“I don’t know, the mutant maybe still inside the base, but I don’t know anything about Colonel Stryker! He may still be inside too!” The man said worriedly.

“So, what is the purpose of this place? Is it for a human experiment?” Dio asked intimidatingly.

“It is, but it’s all done with consent! This place was built mainly for experiments in adamantium and how to implant the mineral onto the human body!” The man said nervously.

Dio let the man go and smirked as he continued to walk inside, he finally realized that this place was indeed the place that he was searching for!

William Stryker was currently on the run while being chased by Logan, but suddenly he stopped and deliberately let Logan enter the room he was in.

“Logan! How great of you to visit me! Are you here to express your gratitude to the adamantium on your body?” William Stryker said with a sneer.

“Don’t take me for a fool, Stryker! Today is the day you meet your maker!” Logan said intimidatingly.

Logan immediately rushed toward Stryker in order to strike him down, but suddenly from the side, a woman appeared, piercing Logan’s chest with a sharp claw that was also made with adamantium!

Logan immediately understood why Stryker didn’t keep running, this woman could hold her ground against Logan!

“Now, it was a bad move to attack me! So, Lady Deathstrike, feel free to chop him up!” Stryker said menacingly.

Stryker than left the place while laughing profusely, leaving Logan to fend off Lady Deathstrike on his own!

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