Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 225


“Stryker!” Logan shouted in frustration.

He tried to chase Stryker again but immediately realized that the woman in front of him was much faster than him.

Logan immediately attacked the woman, but was surprised once again that the woman also had a strong healing factor like him!

The woman smiled creepily before attacking Logan in his heart!

This fatal strike was nothing to Logan as his Healing Factor would heal him back again.

Logan and Lady Deathstrike kept attacking each other despite unable to kill one another!

In the meantime, Dio was in the room nearby and observed the fight from afar, he knew that Logan was backed into a corner at that moment!

Dio was a little bit amused as the fight was intense, with none of them could be killed using normal methods!

But at the same moment, Dio saw the vat of black liquid in the room where both fight and instantly knew that the liquid was the thing that he has been searching for!

But the next problem immediately occurred, how on earth will Dio take the adamantium?

The liquid adamantium would immediately start to harden as it cooled down, and once it was hardened, it will be nearly impossible to do anything to it!

Suddenly, Dio saw that Logan was about to get kicked onto the vat of adamantium, and Dio immediately kicked Logan aside as he got nervous that somehow the adamantium would be spilled.

Logan was surprised to see a man came out of nowhere and saved him from falling to the adamantium container.

Lady Deathstrike was annoyed by the arrival of a new enemy, and she immediately rushed toward Dio so that she could avoid fighting two opponents at once!

Seeing that the woman was after his life, Dio immediately reinforced his body with thick Hamon Energy and concentrated a hefty amount on his fist, as soon as the woman was close enough, Dio punched her face, flinging her to the wall!

Dio’s punch was enough to kill an elephant, but because this woman was already reinforced with adamantium, and her Healing Factor, she stood back up like nothing ever happened!

Logan, however, stood in the middle of the room, surprised to see the man’s strength.

“Hey, what are you standing around like an idiot for! Help me find her weakness!” Dio shouted at Logan.

Logan was startled once again!

He knew that voice!

Dio, in fact, only changed his appearance and not his voice, so Logan immediately recognized his voice while he was confused as nothing else was the same!

“Have you finished all that beer and whiskey?” Dio asked Logan in amusement.

“It really is you!” Logan said in disbelief.

“Hey, watch out!” Dio shouted to Logan as the woman suddenly attacked.

The woman attacked, but Dio knew that she was still mildly confused as her head was bashed to the wall earlier.

Even if she had an adamantium skull, her brain wasn’t protected from the concussion. She would feel the effect, but the damage to her brain would be immediately healed.

Therefore, Logan had lost his memory, he was shot at pointblank by an adamantium bullet to the head!

After realizing the impact of Dio’s attack, Logan copied it immediately!

He rushed forward and grabbed the woman’s head, and bashed her head towards the wall and the floor!

The woman immediately lost her ability to fight as she couldn’t move her body like she wanted to due to the effect of concussion.

Dio immediately walked toward the vat of adamantium and immediately searched for a way to move the adamantium without spilling it.

He knew that he could inject the adamantium to the woman’s body using the syringe nearby, but Dio chose not to as he didn’t want to waste any of this adamantium to an irrelevant person!

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