Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 226


One thing that William Stryker needed in order to make his adamantium experiment a success was a strong human body with a healing factor, that was because of the excruciating pain that the subject will undergo and the damaged bones that will happen in the middle of the experiment.

But even with the strong healing factor, Logan was almost dead for real while undergoing the experiment, and that was why the syringe in Dio’s hand would be able to kill either of them easily at that moment!

But Dio didn’t want to lose any of this adamantium for that purpose, so he didn’t want to use it to kill any of them!

Dio thought for a bit and realised that the only method to take this adamantium was to keep the container extremely hot all the time, fortunately for Dio, he had the Scarlet Overdrive but will his Hamon Energy be enough to keep the adamantium from hardening?

Dio immediately tried to heat up his hands with the Scarlet Overdrive and immediately touched the container to copy the temperature of the liquid inside it.

Dio immediately knew that his plan would work and so he immediately cut the entire container out of the machine it was hooked up to and lifted the container up!

Dio noticed that Logan was still fighting the woman from before and frowned as he realized that Logan was still losing against this woman!

“Hey, do you need any help over there?” Dio asked Logan casually.

“About damn time if you ask me!” Logan shouted in annoyance.

“Then hold her down and make sure that her claw is contained!” Dio said while walking towards Logan and the woman with the adamantium container in his hand.

Logan immediately directed both of the woman’s hands toward her own chest and locked them down with his own claw, the woman felt dread as she saw Dio walked towards them, she felt her brain took serious damage earlier, and she also knew that she wouldn’t be able to withstand another punch from Dio!

She tried to break free out of Logan’s hold, but Logan was adamant about keeping her in place!

Dio immediately concentrated a significant amount of Hamon Energy on his left hand and punched the woman’s head to the ground!

She immediately fell limp to the ground, unmoved!

Logan immediately let her go and sighed in relief that finally, the woman was finally knocked down!

“What are you doing here? Did you come for the adamantium? You do know that you need to keep them at 1.500 F, right?” Logan said while pointing toward the adamantium container that Dio was holding.

“I know, it’s already taken care of!” Dio said casually. He immediately increased the Hamon Energy that fueled the Scarlet Overdrive to increase its heat.

Logan was surprised to see Dio’s hand turned red, heating up the adamantium container from outside!

“Hurry up, there would be more people coming to this place soon!” Dio said, urging Logan to walk out of the base.

Logan nodded and scraped the wall to make a path out of the base for them both, once they were outside of the base, Logan immediately told Dio to wait as he would bring a military truck over to help Dio take the adamantium container out of this place.

Dio nodded as he also realized that he couldn’t drive while holding the heated container like this, so he waited for Logan to bring the truck over.

Not too long after, Logan came with a military truck, and Dio immediately told Logan to drive toward Dio’s car.

Dio didn’t want to leave his car there, after all, the car was still on loan!

He didn’t want to lose all the money that he has already spent on the car!

Logan was speechless as he couldn’t believe that Dio still had the leeway to think about something that trivial, as he knew that they couldn’t drive on a sports car with that container still on Dio’s hand, but he was proven wrong after seeing that Dio never intended to drive the Porsche, in fact, Dio lifted the Porsche and put it on the back of the military truck!

Logan was shocked in disbelief, how come an ordinary person could do all these things?

He could turn into another man, kept the adamantium container in extreme heat, and lifted a car easily?

This guy was full of jokes!

Meanwhile, Stryker, who successfully escaped the base earlier, had brought reinforcement with him to capture Logan, but he was surprised to see that the only person waiting for him inside the base was Lady Deathstrike, complete losing control of herself and couldn’t heed his order anymore!

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