Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 227


Dio then directed Logan towards Tony’s villa as he thought that Tony was the only one who could make him the weapon that he wanted.

After Dio stepped out of the truck, Logan nodded and immediately left with the truck.

Dio then waved to Tony’s camera, and Tony immediately opened the door and excitedly approached Dio.

“What is this? Is this it? Why am I feeling disappointed?” Tony said as he felt excited earlier that Dio was calling, telling him to prepare a 1.500 F heating device.

“Don’t you want to know what this is?” Dio said teasingly.

Tony then led Dio to his studio and immediately connected the heating device that he prepared earlier to the container in Dio’s hand.

Dio immediately sighed in relief, knowing that he didn’t have to maintain the Scarlet Overdrive to keep the liquid adamantium hot.

“So, what the hell is this thing? All I can see is some form of liquid metal!” Tony said curiously.

“Have you ever heard of metal called adamantium?” Dio said with a smirk on his face.

“Adamantium? Isn’t that the metal used on a top-secret project by the USA government? I already did my research on this metal once, but because the amount was too few, I failed!” Tony said as he became more interested in the adamantium in front of him.

“Well, yes! But it’s mine now! This is adamantium in liquid form, they need to be kept on at least 1.500 F, or it will solidify, and once it hardens, the adamantium is almost indestructible, and it would be almost impossible to work with.

“Jarvis, scan and analyse this thing!” Tony said to Jarvis.

“So, where did you steal it from? I know that this is not something you can find lying around on the street, and knowing you, you must’ve used an illegal means to get your hands on this.” Tony said casually.

“Let just say, I took it from a person that the world would be glad if he doesn’t exist, and I didn’t kill anyone to get this thing.” Dio said sincerely.

Tony then shook his head as he knew that Dio had messed with the secret military project, but chose not to do anything about it.

Jarvis then suddenly announced that the data about the adamantium was ready, and Tony could look at the data at any time.

As Tony looked at the data, he became excited all the sudden, this metal was unique, as it was the strongest and hardest type of metal there was!

“Now, I know that you came here because you need my help to tweak with this thing, right? So, spit it out, I will do it if you leave this metal on my care! You are in the presence of the world’s greatest scientist, so there is almost nothing I can’t do!” Tony said excitedly.

Tony didn’t hold back his poisonous tongue, if he wanted to have something, he wouldn’t wait for others to offer him one, he will go for it himself!

Dio was a little annoyed by Tony’s arrogance, but as Tony said, Dio needed his help for this one.

“Well, I want a sword, the best of the kind! I already have a rough image of what it looks like, and adamantium is only a part of the material for that sword! I will find the next material, and if you create the sword that I want, the rest of the material would be yours!” Dio said solemnly.

“Is that it? A sword? Consider it done!” Tony said confidently. Although he was unfamiliar with forging a sword, but surely, he could research on how to make one, for he was the World’s Greatest Genius, Tony Stark!

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