Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 228


Dio and Tony immediately shook hands, marking their new partnership.

Tony also deliberately erased any surveillance recording that showed the military truck that Dio and Logan drove, and Tony also made sure that nothing could be traced back to Dio or to himself!

“Don’t tell Pepper about anything that happened tonight, okay!” Tony said as he saw Dio off.

Dio nodded and immediately entered his Porsche and left Tony’s villa to return to his own home.

At the same time, Lady Deathstrike has already slaughtered the group of soldiers sent by Stryker to deal with Logan and successfully escaped the base herself.

When William Stryker returned to the base, he was surprised to see that every soldier has become a corpse, and the adamantium contained in the base was gone!

He became restless as he lost so much in one night!

The next day, Dio opened his restaurant like nothing happened, but as the day went by, Nick Fury called him informing that the SHIELD couldn’t give Dio the adamantium, as the SHIELD’s proposal to conduct a research on the adamantium has been rejected by the council.

Nick Fury himself was in the awkward position as this morning the council called him back and accused the SHIELD of stealing the adamantium on the military base because the council has rejected his proposal, although the council had to drop the accusation because their lack of evidence and many other problems, Nick was still a little bit agitated to know that someone has stolen the adamantium and made it like the SHIELD was the one responsible for it!

Nick then directly asked Dio on his whereabouts yesterday as he suspected that Dio was the one who stole the adamantium from the military.

But Dio’s answer was perfect. Not only he had alibi, but he also had proof that he wasn’t anywhere near any secret military base.

But this was all thanks to Tony’s meddling, Tony has already prepared an alibi for Dio, and he also had erased all digital proof that Dio came to the military base last night and so, without anything else to ask, Nick ended the call.

After the call ended, Dio smirked in victory, knowing that the first step to getting the perfect weapon was done!

In the next half month, Dio worked hard in his restaurant and took Cristine’s lesson very seriously.

He already got to the point that if he must operate on Tony again, he would do well by himself!

So, in the last lesson, Dio suggested that they suspended the lesson for a while.

Cristine agreed because, in her eyes, Dio was already a decent surgeon, she was a little bit ashamed of Dio’s learning speed and said that she would be ready to teach Dio anything else he needed in the future.

Dio nodded his head while smiling warmly to Cristine and then invited her to dinner to commemorate the end of the study session.

In the restaurant, Dio and Cristine indulged themselves with so many Red Wine that Cristine was dizzy.

So, Dio immediately drove her home before she become too drunk to walk.

“So, it seems that drinking coffee with you will be difficult in the future!” Dio said jokingly in front of her house.

“Well, the coffee that I brew was terrible, so you can forget about it, but you can fulfill your promise to me, how about teaching me that dance move you did back then, what is it called? Torture dance?” Cristine said teasingly.

“Yeah, that’s the name. I didn’t expect you still remember that, but are you sure to do it now?” Dio asked with a lustful look.

Cristine blushed and nodded.

“I don’t want to have any regrets later!” She said confidently.

“Well, that makes the two of us!” Dio said with a sultry voice that made Cristine blushed even more.

So, Cristine immediately grabbed Dio’s hand and entered her house quickly.

The music from the bar back then was immediately heard inside the house, Dio then directed Cristine to do the Torture Dance move, holding her hands the entire way, making sure that she got the moves correctly.

After a while, the dance move changed to those of light and romantic movements, neither Dio nor Cristine knew when it began, but the night was surely unforgettable, and surely neither of them would regret it!

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