Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 229


Dio was currently sitting on the first-class flight toward his next destination, and that was Wakanda, the country that the world thought was declining and poor.

But in fact, Wakanda was the most advanced country that the earth had right now!

Dio had also closed the restaurant for a week, while also giving Will some bonuses for the week long vacation.

After hours on the plane, Dio finally landed on Wakandan land, but after Dio had done all necessary paperwork, he walked into the nearby toilet and used (Khnum) to change his appearance completely.

He then proceeded to hire a high price experienced guide to bring him to the village of Wakanda.

After 20 hours of bumps and toilet stops, Dio finally arrived at the Wakandan Village, Dio saw that the village was unique as the home was built with bamboo and wood, with the bottom part hollowed as to make the houses higher than the ground.

“We are here! Give me my money!” The tour guide said as he demanded his pay from Dio.

“Here! It’s half of what we promised, you will get the other half when you drive me back to the airport!” Dio said as he handed a thousand dollars to the tour guide.

“Okay, good! You are an American who keeps his promise!” The guide said excitedly.

A thousand dollars was a huge amount of money there, and that was why the guide was so happy to receive the money from Dio.

The guide also worked as a translator for Dio and Dio also paid him $200 per day for that.

So, with his own interpreter, Dio greeted the village resident.

“Hello, is this the land of Wakanda? I am here to talk business, and thus can I talk to the village chief?” Dio said, and the guide immediately translated his word to the local.

The local resident then spoke in an African language to the guide, and the guide immediately told Dio what the local has said.

“He said that outsider isn’t welcome in this village and they have no need of the business that a white man brought, and he also told us to get back to where we came from!” The guide said to Dio.

Dio wasn’t surprised by the local’s rejection, because he already knew about Wakandan’s reserved attitude.

He thought about it for a while and immediately proposed, “That’s a shame, but the sky is already dark, can you give us a place to stay just for tonight? I will go back tomorrow, is that okay?” Dio said sincerely.

The guide immediately translated Dio’s word to the local, but Dio had already noticed the change of the local’s faces after hearing Dio’s word, so it very likely that this man was the real Wakanda people because Wakanda was so advanced that English was a common language!

But since the man was playing dumb, Dio didn’t want to break it to him. So, after another whispering, the guide told Dio what the local has said.

“They agreed to lend us a room, but we have to remain inside at night, as the place has so many dangerous beasts roaming around.” The guide said, interpreting the local’s word.

“Thank them for me, and we will leave at dawn!” Dio said to the guide and immediately pulled his camera for taking a picture of the beautiful scenery around the village like a tourist would do.

Although some of the villagers remained vigilant of Dio’s every move, they didn’t think Dio was a threat, so they let him be.

As the night passed, the Wakandan people started to cook for dinner with a bonfire.

Although they don’t welcome strangers in their village, they gave Dio and the guide a meal like what they gave their own family, so Dio and the guide still have a warm meal for the night, this was the trademark of Wakandan people’s nature.

They were very kind and friendly people by nature, and thus if Wakanda wasn’t a closed off country, they would have many friends across the globe!

After finishing their meal, Dio entered the house that was already prepared for them and make sure the guide fell asleep so that there would be no trouble for him later tonight!

At midnight, Dio then quietly slipped off into the village after hearing that there was no beastly cry outside and approached the house that he determined to be the house of the village chief!

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