Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 230


Dio knew that the Wakandan had so many weapons that they could use to protect themselves, and that was why they were fine with two strangers entering their place like this.

So, Dio needed to be extra careful so that he wouldn’t have to deal with a problematic situation later.

So, in front of the villager’s house that he believed belonged to someone influential, he used the [The World] to scout inside, and sure enough, the villager was sleeping inside. He also found a cylindrical device that glowed with a blue light near the door. Apparently, this device was like an alarm for an intruder!

Dio then thought of the best possible course here, and he knew that he couldn’t make any sound as the houses were close to each other, if he did so much as made a commotion, the entire villager would be woken up!

So, he took off his clothes and transformed into the villager that he first met and knocked on the door to wake up the villager inside.

“Who is there!” The villager said alarmedly.

“It’s me! I think those two outsiders are a bit questionable!” Dio said using the voice of the villager.

Dio bet that the Wakandan also used English as their communication language because if they don’t, his cover would be blown instantly!

If the situation got worse, he was prepared to resort to some drastic measure, the most important thing at the moment was to get his hands on some vibranium!

“Bablo? Come in and let’s talk inside!” The villager inside the house said as he opened the door.

Dio was very happy inside as [Khnum] successfully deceived the villager!

“What did you find, Bablo? Why are you wearing the outsider’s pants?” The villager asked curiously.

But Dio didn’t know how to answer all questions given and therefore decided to stun the villager using the [The World] that was already waiting behind the villager.

“How could you betray us, Bablo?” The villager said as he fell unconscious in front of Dio.

Seeing that his plan worked smoothly, Dio than began to look around the house for anything he could use to find the real Wakanda.

But before he went any further, he transformed into the knocked out Wakandan and changed into his clothes.

Dio also wore any accessories that the Wakandan wore to further perfect his disguise.

While doing so, Dio noticed that the watch that Wakandan used was a little bit special, so he immediately took advantage of the night and stuffed the unconscious Wakandan into the trunk of the car he brought in.

Dio then returned to the house that he slept earlier and left $2.000 and a note for the guide and left immediately.

As the sun gradually rose, the guide finally awoke, and the first thing that he noticed was that the person that he was supposed to guide was nowhere to be seen.

He was confused as he didn’t know where the guy wandered off to, so he looked around the house.

He became more confused as he finally noticed a $ 2.000 and a note near his pillow and immediately checked the content of the note.

“I have something to do, leave this village immediately! The money was yours to take, but drive away from here quickly, don’t stop no matter what happens. Otherwise, you will be in big trouble!” The note left by Dio said.

The guide immediately became nervous, as he knew that the villagers in this part of the country weren’t keen on someone snooping around their place, so the guide panicked and immediately got into his car and quickly left the village!

He didn’t know what trouble he would get if he stayed, but he didn’t want to find out!

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  1. David says:

    Boy am I glad I gave this a second look! I stumbled upon years ago before I’d even seen JoJo so I didn’t really vibe with it.

    Thanks for all the work translating. I’ll be sticking around for a while to enjoy your work 🙂

    1. nyawdao nyawdao says:

      Go watch JoJo xD

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