Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 231


After hearing the car machine, Dio immediately stood up and prepared for his next plan.

The Wakandan villager didn’t really care about the outsider that has left, but they began to worry as Assamoah never showed up. Bablo immediately knocked Assamoah’s door, but there was no answer!

“Deputy Captain Assamoah, are you inside?” Bablo shouted as he knocked on the door. But there was still no answer, so Bablo and several other Wakandan began to disable the house’s security and immediately knocked down the door. They were surprised to see Assamoah fainted inside the house, looking slightly pale.

“Assamoah, what happen?” Bablo said as he immediately ran towards Assamoah. He was surprised once again to feel Assamoah’s skin was hot to the touch.

“It seems that he was sick! His body temperature is really high, we need to bring him to Wakanda immediately!” Bablo said worriedly.

“How can he be sick? The bracelet doesn’t show any abnormalities.” Another Wakandan said curiously.

“It doesn’t matter, he needs to be checked in Wakanda immediately! Maybe the bracelet was just broken!” Bablo said worriedly.

Bablo’s word managed to convince everyone, they thought maybe the bracelet was in a state where it needed to be serviced, but the most important thing right now was to make sure that Assamoah was okay.

“Bablo, I will contact captain Okoye and request a transfer aircraft to take Assamoah back to Wakanda, I will also request that Princess Suri checks on his condition, it may just be a new type of sickness that the bracelet wasn’t able to detect!” Another villager said commandingly.

Bablo nodded, and soon the villager went out to inform the necessary people in Wakanda, and so not too long after, the Wakandan Aircraft that looked like something that came out of a science fiction series came and took Assamoah and immediately flew toward the real Wakanda.

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At this point, Dio, who disguised himself as Assamoah, was very satisfied with the situation he was currently in, he couldn’t believe that he could come into Wakanda this smoothly! He couldn’t wait to finally get his hands on the Vibranium!

Not too long after, Dio finally felt the aircraft was landing, meaning that he has arrived in Wakanda, he wasn’t sure how far he has traveled as he didn’t spend too much time in the aircraft, he also didn’t feel that the aircraft was that fast.

But as soon as the aircraft landed, he was immediately carried by the medical personnel inside the aircraft and taken into a huge building not too far away. He saw that inside the building was full of technology that was usually found in a sci-fi movie!

Currently, not even SHIELD was aware of the true nature of Wakanda!

“Take him inside, Princess Suri is already waiting!” The captain of the royal guard said commandingly.

Dio, who had his eyes closed, continued to pretend to be sick and immediately taken into the treatment room, where the princess has been waiting.

As Dio who was currently disguised as Asamoah arrived, Princess Suri become a little bit excited, she immediately ordered the medical team to take off Assamoah’s bracelet and took him into the scanning table immediately.

The medical team obeyed without question as they know that Princess Suri was the smartest Wakandan in that era!

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