Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 232


Since she didn’t see any abnormalities with the bracelet, Princess Suri then began to check Assamoah’s body for any abnormalities, but she still found nothing. She has already checked his blood condition, a heart condition, a full scan on his brain, and even his stomach for poisoning, but everything was normal!

She felt strange as this never happened before, so she immediately began to cool Assamoah’s body with the medical cooling that the facility had. She was surprised once again as Asamoah’s body began to cool down rapidly, showing a sign of recovery. She was surprised because, under normal circumstances, the patient body wasn’t supposed to cool down this fast. Furthermore, the reason why Asamoah was in this condition in the first place was still unknown.

She immediately began to scan Asamoah’s body for any change, and she still found nothing, her report all said that Asamoah was very healthy!

“What is happening to this man?” Suri asked curiously.

Suri was planning to examine Asamoah further, but her bracelet beeped, it seems that she had something else to do!

“Observe him for an hour, if he shows any anomaly, bring him to me immediately!” Suri said to the medical personnel.

“Also, release the people in quarantine, I don’t think it is necessary to quarantine them any longer!” Suri said to the guards.

They immediately nodded as they knew Suri’s order was absolute!

Suri didn’t know that once she left the medical facility, Asamoah immediately opened his eyes and smiled satisfyingly.

Dio’s disguise was on point this time, and he had succeeded infiltrating Wakanda!

All Dio must do right now was to wait for an hour, and probably he would be escorted to a recovery room after.

After an hour, Dio woke up, and a guard immediately walked towards him.

“Change your clothes. Princess Suri wants to see you.” A bald female guard said indifferently.

Dio nodded and immediately followed the guard toward a room, and he immediately changed his clothes and put on the bracelet. Dio then followed the female guard once again; this time, he knew that he was taken to the research lab where Suri was often worked. He observes his surroundings immediately to plan his escape if things went wrong!

Although he knew that Princess Suri was not one to resort to violence, he still must plant a last resort ditch plan.

Once he got to the research lab, Dio was a little bit surprised to see the Future King of Wakanda and the future Black Panther in person!


“Hail Prince T’challa!” The guard said with the signature crisscrossed arm movement.

“Oh, Assamoah, I see that you have recovered well, how do you feel now?” Suri said as she heard the guard paid respect to her brother.

“Thank you, your royal highness. I feel much better now!” Dio said as he still disguised as Asamoah.

“Good, but can you tell me how you got sick in the first place? Did you drink or eat something before you faint?” Suri asked curiously.

Dio already knew that Suri would try to find an answer on his sudden sickness and so he already thought thoroughly what he had to say in this situation beforehand.

“I don’t really know, your royal highness. My body started to burn in the middle of the night, and soon after I fell unconscious, maybe it has something to do with the two outsiders who come to the village yesterday.”

“An outsider? Please tell me about them!” T’challa said, suddenly interrupted Suri and Asamoah’s conversation.

“Of course, your highness! Two outsiders come yesterday claiming to do business with us …” Dio started to tell the story while observing T’challa and Suri’s expression.

It didn’t matter whether T’challa would investigate this matter or not, he won’t be here long after all!

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