Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 233


After hearing Asamoah’s story, T’challa fell silent for a while. He knew that he wasn’t the king yet, so he had to investigate this matter quickly, so there would be no problem for him in the future.

“I will immediately send some groups to investigate these two outsiders. I believe W’kabi’s team should be able to find them.” T’challa said confidently.

However, T’challa kept observing Asamoah with a certain uneasiness. He was afraid that somehow, Asamoah was used as a bacteria or virus carrier to wreak havoc on Wakanda soil.

Princess Suri was aware of T’challa’s uneasiness, and thus she made her decision quickly.

“With your story in mind, I believe that you still have to be observed for a while and so I will make an arrangement for you to stay in here for the time that I have to observe your condition. I hope that there is nothing wrong in the end.” She said commandingly.

Dio, who was still disguised as Asamoah, couldn’t refuse Suri’s order and, therefore, only nodded his head and followed the guard to the room he was assigned to.

Dio was smiling inside as he was one step closer toward his goal to obtain Vibranium!

Inside his new room, Dio felt bored waiting for the right time to go out. He must get the Vibranium and then leave this country soon. Otherwise, his cover would be blown once the guide was found!

So Dio immediately made plans to transform into T’challa himself.

Dio then immediately knocked on the door, and a guard immediately opened his door and asked him what was wrong.

“Is Prince T’challa still here? I just remembered that I have some useful information for him!” Dio said urgently.

“His Highness has been out for quite some time, but I can convey your message for him!” the guard said casually.

Dio smirked and immediately ordered [The World] to knock the guards out, and then he immediately placed the guard on his bed to make it looked like Asamoah was still sleeping his bed. He then quickly transformed into T’challa and headed towards the Research Lab once more.

Along the way, Dio maintained T’challa’s posture and made sure to greet everyone with the signature Criss Crossed arm movement.

Once he arrived at the Research Lab, everyone was quite surprised as he was supposed to be out.

“Brother! Why did you come back? Did you forget something? And why are you wearing a different outfit?” Suri asked curiously.

“This is just an experiment; I want to see how I look with this outfit!” Dio said while smiling lightly.

“It’s a failure, though, but it still shows a little of your charm!” Suri said teasingly.

“So, did you only come back to show me your new outfit?” Suri asked exasperatedly.

“If I knew you would say this rude comment, I wouldn’t come back with this outfit! But no, I am here to get a vibranium, I have some idea of a new weapon and I want to test my theory, don’t worry, I will give you one after I am done!” Dio said teasingly.

“Why my materials? Didn’t your labs also have them? Did you want me to send it over?” Suri asked curiously.

“No, no! It’s too much work, I am closer to your place, and I am not planning to return to my lab soon, so I need yours!” Dio said confidently.

“Are you sure? The vibranium in your lab is a lot bigger, no?” Suri asked curiously once again.

“I know, but I am just going to experiment for a little bit, it was such a waste to use the bigger one!” Dio said, trying to quench Suri’s curiosity.

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