Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 234


“You cunning man! You want to surprise father on his birthday, later didn’t you?” Suri asked teasingly.

“Nothing gets past you, huh? As expected of my sister, but sure, I expect father to be happy after seeing what I have made!” Dio said as he smiles lightly to Suri.

Suri then pressed some buttons on her control panel, and a metal box immediately came from the door beside her, inside was the infamous Vibranium alloy itself!

“Is this amount enough for you?” Suri asked curiously.

“Yes, it should be enough for now.” Dio said to Suri trough his guise as T’challa.

At the same time, Suri’s wristband beeped, a sudden communication interrupted Dio and Suri’s conversation.

“Her Royal Highness, we just found out that Asamoah has stunned the guard and escaped his room!” A guard has said from the transmission.

“Send the guards to find him immediately, don’t worry about me, I am safe here!” Suri said confidently.

Dio however, knew that he had to make haste as one end of his guise has been exposed. But as he was about to leave, Suri stopped her!

“Brother, I have a new Panther Armour for you to try!” Suri said as he reached for Dio’s neck and helped him wear the neck brace. But she was immediately shocked as the Neck Brace didn’t show any sign of activating.

Dio was secretly cursing under his breath as he knew that the neck brace would not activate for him, [Khnum] could copy the appearance to perfection, but it couldn’t copy any special trait that was unique to that individual, like Tony’s intelligence, Logan’s Healing Factor, or in this case, T’Challa’s special tattoo.

Suddenly another transmission was heard in Suri’s wristband.

“Suri, Asamoah on the base is fake! The real one is with me right now! The enemy is very likely able to transform into someone else, don’t trust anyone coming to you!” T’challa’s voice was heard through the transmission.

Suri was frozen on the spot as her mind immediately thought about the entire thing that her brother just said in the transmission, she knew from the beginning that the person in front of him was unusual, and therefore he must be not her real brother!

“Look, I don’t think that you should do anything, just let me go, and no one would be hurt!” Dio said calmly. He also prepared the [The World] in advance, lurking around him if anything bad occurred.

Suri ignored Dio’s light threat and immediately ran toward a gun on her table, but the [The World] was already behind her!

Dio was forced to knock Suri and made her a hostage, as he didn’t know what would happen from that moment onwards. Therefore he needed assurance that he could escape this country without any bloodshed.

“Let me go!” Suri shouted violently.

“I am sorry that it comes to this, but I am afraid I need you to escape now!” Dio said politely.

“My brother would arrest you immediately! Our army would soon surround you like an army of ant that found sugar!” Suri said while squirming, since [The World] still restrained her.

Dio was holding onto the bag of Vibranium as he wouldn’t want to lose it, while Suri’s words turned into reality soon enough, Dio was surrounded by the army as soon as he left the base!

“Release our Princess, right now!” The Captain of the Royal Guard shouted threateningly while pointing her spear towards Dio.

“Of course, I have no intention of holding her hostage for too long. But I sure need an aircraft for my leave and for you to stop pointing your weapon at me! And of course, there’s always an option to refuse my request if your princess’ life worthless.” Dio said politely.

“No, don’t listen to him! in the name of the royal family of Wakanda, I command you to capture this man immediately!” Suri shouted confidently.

Dio was surprised by Suri’s bravery, but the royal army was different, they were clearly confused about what to do right now. But fortunately for them, T’challa’s voice was suddenly heard through the intercom on Okoye’s arm.

“Don’t act rashly! Wait for my return, I will solve this myself!” T’challa said calmly.

“Everyone evacuate the place!” Okoye said as she obeyed T’challa’s order.

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