Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 235


“Invader, let go of my sister, and I promise you can leave Wakanda safely!” T’challa said calmly in front of Dio.

Dio was annoyed at himself at the fact that he was too slow. If he was faster only by a couple of minutes, he would’ve been far away from this place by now!

“Now, I know from my point of view that you will keep your words, but I cannot say for sure for anyone else besides you. so, in regards to my safety, I will only let her go after I got an aircraft, and I am able to fly away from this country safely!” Dio said confidently.

Dio immediately transformed himself into someone else as he thought that talking to the real T’challa while using a disguise as T’challa himself was awkward. Everyone else, who saw this transformation, looked at Dio in wonders, as their technologies were not yet able to replicate the person completely like what Dio just did.

“I promise in the name of the son of the current king of Wakanda, I will let you leave Wakanda safely as long as you let her go!” T’challa insisted.

“I don’t think you hear me earlier, or perhaps you need some kind of motivation before you can do as I say.” Dio said calmly as he placed his hand on Suri’s neck!

T’challa immediately became desperate and quickly signaled for the fighter plane to come down.

“I will agree to your request as long as I become the pilot of the aircraft!” T’challa said confidently.

“My prince! That was too dangerous!” Okoye said worriedly.

“Stop! I have my own reason, I know Suri wouldn’t be completely safe as long as I didn’t do this! but don’t you worry, I will be safe!” T’challa said confidently.

Dio knows that T’challa must be wearing the Panther Armour behind his suit, and so, it must be the reason that he was able to remain calm like this!

But Dio didn’t care about it, so he immediately agreed to T’challa’s term.

Dio smirked while murmuring that he also couldn’t wait to see the Black Panther’s power!

Suri heard what Dio said and froze once more, as she thought that Dio was only a thief, but he seemed to know Wakanda’s history to some extent!

In the next minutes, Dio followed T’challa inside the fighter plane and ready to leave Wakanda.

The Royal Guard could only watch as the fighter plane took off, leaving Wakanda with their Prince and Princess!

The speed of the plane was very fast, allowing Dio to get to wherever he wanted in a relatively short time.

Dio then ordered T’challa to fly west as he didn’t specify his destination just yet. He then proceeded to confuse T’challa by ordering to fly south and five minutes later ordering him to fly east, and continued to do so for more than an hour!

“Come on, where do you want to go?! This is confusing!” Suri said annoyedly.

“I don’t know, but maybe I’ll know once the aircraft following us leaves, if they don’t leave us alone, I am afraid all that we could do is fly around aimlessly in the sky!” Dio said confidently.

T’challa and Suri were a little bit shocked to see Dio noticed the aircraft that followed them!

“Have you noticed from the beginning?” T’challa asked curiously.

“No, but after a while, I noticed that after I kidnapped a princess and a prince like this, it’d be unthinkable if no one follows! Thus, I bait you to reveal the current situation!” Dio said confidently.

Dio’s answer silenced T’challa and Suri as they didn’t know that the invader this time was also a smart person!

“W’kabi, you have been spotted! Leave immediately!” T’challa said calmly.

W’kabi obeyed without any question as he has already thought that the invader knew of what was happening because of the abnormal route.

“Very well, my prince! From now on, you are alone. We pray for your safe return!” W’kabi said calmly.

Dio immediately looked out, and suddenly, around twenty fighter planes appeared as they deactivated their stealth system and left immediately.

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