Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 236


“I promise you in the name of the Black Panther, no one will follow us anymore!” T’challa said sincerely.

“Very well, I hope none of your people would tarnish the name of the Black Panther!” Dio said casually. He then directed T’challa to fly toward Japan.

Not long after that, the invisible fighter plane landed in the quiet park unnoticed.

“I have fulfilled my part of the agreement, now release my sister!” T’challa said calmly.

“Now, release the hatch first!” Dio said casually.

But T’challa stared him down, a look of disbelief was written all over his face.

“Alright, you win! Here you go!” Dio said as he pushed Suri toward T’challa casually.

Suri and T’challa were quite surprised as they didn’t expect Dio to release Suri this easily.

“Suri, are you okay?” T’challa said as he inspected Suri from head to toe.

“I am okay, but he took the Vibranium Alloy! We can’t let him go just like that!” Suri said worriedly.

At the same time, Dio had charged the Hamon Energy into his hands and punched the plane’s door open!

The impact as the door was busted, startled Suri and T’challa.

Dio, who was listening to their conversation the whole time, immediately walked out of the plane to leave. But, T’challa immediately clad his Black Panther armor and immediately chased after Dio out of the plane.

“Now, I did say that you can leave Wakanda safely, but you still have to leave the Vibranium behind!” T’challa said confidently.

“Well, I believe that confrontation was not inevitable! And so, let’s go!” Dio said as he taunted T’challa to take the Vibranium himself.

Dio stood there, unmoved while T’challa charged towards him. He wanted to see just how powerful the Black Panther’s attack could be!

T’challa hit Dio as hard as he could, but Dio’s Hamon Energy immediately mitigated the damage away, and thus Dio immediately landed a counter punch to test his hand to hand combat, but his attack also didn’t do any damage to the Black Panther as the Black Panther suit could absorb the kinetic energy it came into contact with.

Dio tried again with a punch coated in Hamon Energy, and the result was still the same, the Vibranium still absorbed the Hamon Energy like it was nothing!

In the next couple of minutes, their punch against each other ended in a stalemate.

None of them could damage each other!

The civilians that walked near them immediately pulled out their phone and started to record the scene as they thought that Dio and T’challa were recording some movie or something like that!

They began to shout as they saw that Dio finally took the upper hand on the fight!

Suri, who was observing the fight on the plane, was shocked to see that her brother’s attack couldn’t even scratch Dio’s shirt!

How Dio could do this, she wondered to herself, but the most important thing that crossed her mind was she needed to upgrade her brother’s Black Panther Suit as she saw that it was lame and had no crowd control.

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