Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 237


After a few minutes of testing Black Panther Techniques, Dio realized that the Black Panther wasn’t using the powerful suit that could discharge a shockwave, so he didn’t really have anything more to see from T’challa.

“Is that all you got? I am getting bored!” Dio said tauntingly.

Getting annoyed, T’challa immediately ejected the claws on his hands, which were also made of Vibranium!

Even though Vibranium was known from its defensive capabilities, it could still be used as a weapon!

Dio immediately dodged T’challa’s every move as he wasn’t sure the claws could break his Hamon barrier or not, and Dio wasn’t keen to find out now.

Knowing that T’challa was using his best tools on his arsenal to defeat Dio, he immediately summoned [The World] to even the playground.

He ordered [The World] to hold T’challa down, and he immediately used [Hermit Purple] to tie T’challa down.

T’challa immediately became nervous as he couldn’t move anymore, he tried to struggle, but it was all in vain!

“You won! Kill me now, Warrior of Wakanda would never ask for mercy!” T’challa said respectfully.

But at the same time, seeing that her brother lost and accepted his defeat, Suri immediately intervened and pointed her guns toward Dio.

“Let him go! Or I will shoot!” Suri said confidently.

“Leave, Suri! I am already defeated!” T’challa said in frustration.

“No! I will not let you die!” Suri said confidently toward T’challa.

“Hey, you need that Vibranium to make something, right? I could help you out as long as you let my brother go!” Suri said confidently while walking closer to Dio’s position.

“No, there is no need for that! I will take this Vibranium for now and leave, let’s just say that I owe this Vibranium to Wakanda for now, I will pay it back in the future, but please don’t follow me, it wouldn’t end well if you do!” Dio said politely.

Dio immediately left and de-summoned [The World] and the [Hermit Purple] as he leaves.

Although T’challa was free from his shackles, he didn’t dare to chase after Dio, he didn’t want to act rashly and chose to take Dio’s word for it!

But T’challa felt awful as he let Dio go, he let his defeat sunk in, and he now felt powerless again.

But another thing that he knew for sure was that Dio wasn’t the enemy of Wakanda, at least T’challa never really felt any aggression and hostility toward Wakanda from him.

“Are you sure to let that person go?” Suri said curiously.

“Yeah, I don’t think he is a threat to Wakanda.” T’challa said confidently.

T’challa arrived at this conclusion as he realized that Dio could kill T’challa or Suri whenever he wanted, but he didn’t do it! He also realized that he only lost a few Vibranium, but he also hoped that the man wouldn’t sell it to anyone who could misuse the Vibranium in the future!

In fact, T’challa was looking forward to seeing the man again in the future, but the first thing he needed to do was to get stronger!

Even Suri’s anger dissipated as he saw Dio left, and she immediately began to tend her brother quickly.

It wasn’t long before both of them were spotted by the Wakanda Fighter plane and left Japan quickly.

T’challa’s boarding was noticed by the civilian who recorded the fight earlier, and they were shocked to see a flying object so close to them, they originally thought that this was a movie scene, and thus they didn’t expect the flying object would actually move!

They felt excited and began to take a picture of the mysterious plane and T’challa, who was boarding the said plane!

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