Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 238


Dio walked through Tokyo’s street aimlessly as he didn’t have any money on him at the moment.

Dio thought about getting a desperate woman to help him for the night, but as he saw that the women on the Tokyo’s street either had their own partner or used a thick makeup, he lost all interest in them!

He immediately shifted his attention toward the Yakuza, he believed that no one would blame him for borrowing some money from them!

So, he entered a dark alley and transformed into a handsome man worthy of a Hollywood star!

Dio then headed to the entertainment area, and sure enough, a man with a business attire immediately approached Dio.

“Friend, can I have a little of your time? My name is Huang Mao, I am from the Xinghui Entertainment. I saw you from afar, and I couldn’t help but notice that you have the potential in the entertainment business!” Huang Mao said as he gave his business card to Dio to prove his word. He spoke with a sincere attitude, making it hard for a normal person to reject his offer.

Dio smirked as he knew that this man’s invitation was more like a trap for a newcomer. He knows with his current face, Hollywood wouldn’t even wait to cast him on the next movie or advertisement, and thus Dio bluntly rejected the man’s offer!

“I am sorry, I am not interested in working in entertainment industry, I even rejected the offer of some Hollywood production house called CAA!” Dio said confidently.

Hearing that Dio had rejected CAA, the man became more enthusiastic, he wanted Dio to sign his contract as to make his own agency became famous!

So, Huang Mao used his secret weapon, he whispered to Dio that he would provide him with a beautiful woman for Dio to sleep with later.

Of course, Dio wasn’t surprised when he heard Huang Mao said this, he already knew this kind of tactic too!

Dio smirked as his plan worked perfectly, this guy must have a connection to the Yakuza for sure!

So, Dio nodded his head to express his agreement with Huang Mao’s offer.

Huang Mao then politely invited Dio to a place more suitable to make a deal.

Huang Mao smirked when he walked in front of Dio as he thought that he netted a big fish!

Not long after, Huang Mao and Dio arrived in front of a hotel, and Huang Mao brought Dio to room 402 right away as two women with Kimono had waited inside.

“Who are these women? Why are they here?” Dio said faking his innocence.

“These women are here to entertain you, I will leave you with them for a while as I would take your contract in my office first, I hope that you will not get bored by these beauties!” Huang Mao said while laughing innocently.

“Well done, my friend! I‘ll be sure to get to know them closely!” Dio said, still faking his real intention.

“Well then, I have to go now. Enjoy your stay!” Huang Mao said as he left the room.

After Huang Mao left, Dio immediately knocked the women out and waited for Huang Mao’s return.

Dio knew that Huang Mao would probably bring many backup, or maybe a totally different group might knock on his door soon!

He was already familiar with this type of scam, Huang Mao would come with some thugs and accuse him of adultery or many other types of criminal acts and threatened to report Dio to the police.

A normal foreigner most likely would be scared of the possibility of them serving jail time in a foreign country and thus will be trapped to accept whatever condition that the thugs offered!

But Dio already knew what to do in this type of situation!

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