Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 239


The Yakuza was confused as they didn’t hear any sound from Dio’s room, they couldn’t even see inside the room as the camera was blocked by Dio’s backpack. They began to wonder whether Dio knew about their scheme or not. As their suspicion arose, they just quickly walked toward Dio’s room!

As they arrived at Dio’s room, they immediately entered without knocking, after all they had the key to the room.

Once they entered the room, the scene in front of them surprised them all, they saw Dio was sitting on a chair beside the bed while the two women that they left with Dio were fast asleep while still fully clothed.

The situation became very awkward as they didn’t expect something like this ever happened, and Dio didn’t say anything either.

“The hotel service here was really good, what are you all doing here? Are you here to take my picture?” Dio asked innocently.

“Tie him up! We have to keep him silent!” A man said as he saw that everyone else didn’t know what to do.

The Yakuzas immediately surrounded Dio to capture him. They were a little bit angry as they saw it was like they were being played by Dio. They were also a little bit annoyed by Huang Mao for leaving Dio without confirming his identity.

Dio immediately summoned the [Hanged Man] and immediately gave him order.

“Kill everyone except the two women on the bed!” Dio said as he ordered the [Hanged Man].

The [Hanged Man] immediately obeyed Dio’s order and began to slice the throat of the Yakuzas.

The Yakuzas in the back were startled as their friend began to fall one by one with no clear reasoning.

They tried to escape, but it was all too late, [Hanged Man] was killing them all too fast!

Until Huang Mao, the last person was left frozen on the floor, scared shitless!

[Hanged Man] killed Huang Mao without any pity and immediately returned to Dio’s left eye afterward.

Dio could feel a little bit disappointed from [Hanged Man], he knew that this kind of people wasn’t enough to satisfy the [Hanged Man] but, he didn’t have that kind of enemy as of the moment.

Dio immediately rummaged through every corpse right away, he took their cellphones and every bit of cash that the Yakuzas had on their wallets.

After that, he took his backpack and walked outside of the hotel with another disguise.

Half an hour later, the strong smell of blood attracted a nearby hotel guest, and once they saw the gory scene inside the room, he screamed loudly, alerting the hotel staff and everyone else at the hotel!

Dio threw the phone that he got earlier as he couldn’t use it, everything was in Japanese, and furthermore, the phone was full of encoded application! He also couldn’t go into any hotel, for he didn’t bring any identification card on him, sure the thugs earlier had some driver id, but he wasn’t keen on using any of their identity.

And thus, Dio resorted to walking around Akihabara to taste any Japanese food that struck his fancy, he also met a woman who was surprisingly eye-catching and had a good chit chat with her to the point that she even invited Dio to her house!

But after following the woman back to her house, Dio felt pity.

Obviously, not everyone was as fortunate as he was, so, after he entered the woman’s house, Dio immediately made her fall asleep without doing anything.

Dio sighed and took a rest himself, for he was having quite a hectic day himself!

The next day, Dio woke up early. He made himself breakfast and left the woman a quite sum of cash that he got from the Yakuzas earlier and immediately left toward a nearby store to buy an international calling card.

After that, he found a phone booth and quickly called Tony to pick him up!

Dio called Tony several times, but he didn’t answer any of Dio’s call, and thus Dio kept trying relentlessly as he knew that Tony was still immersed in studying the Adamantium, or he was in the SHIELD headquarter, studying The Destroyer’s armor.

Dio’s relentless call finally got through, Tony answered the call with an annoyed tone.

“This better be a good call! No matter who you are, I will light your house on fire if it isn’t!” Tony said annoyedly.

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