Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 240


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“Hey Tony, it’s me!” Dio said hastily.

“Dio! What the hell? Why is your number showing japan area code? Are you in Japan?” Tony asked curiously.

“Where are you? I have to make sure you are alone first!” Dio said casually.

“Yeah, I am alone! You are free to talk now. I assume you are not in Japan for a holiday, right?” Tony said sarcastically.

“Shut up! I have obtained the second material for my blade! Now I have a favor to ask!” Dio said casually.

“Now I am interested, what do you need me to do?” Tony asked curiously.

“I need you to pick me up here, I have caused some trouble that makes it hard for me to travel with any convenient method right now!” Dio said a little bit annoyed.

“Sure, Jarvis has already locked on your position, but tell me, what did you do in Japan? Did you burn a temple or something?” Tony asked amusedly.

“Shut up, Tony! Not this time!” Dio said while ending the call. Now he had to find another source of money to survive a little while until Tony arrived!

“Jarvis, connect me with Pepper quickly!” Tony said as he ordered Jarvis. He wanted to prepare his flight to Japan ASAP!

Meanwhile, in SHIELD’s headquarter, Nick Fury was having another headache as he received a report from his field officer in Japan.

In the report, a video showing that Prince T’challa and Princess Suri was fighting against an unknown man with an advanced flying machine as their background.

Fury knew that this flying machine must be Wakandan aircraft as he already knew that Wakanda wasn’t as poor and decline as the world thought!

But the important thing was the man that they were fighting with, who was this man?

Why would the Wakanda royal family fight him in person?

This kind of question really made his brain spin!

He has already used the SHIELD’s database that almost covered every single person’s record in the world, but he couldn’t find the guy!

One thing that Nick hated the most was not knowing things that were right in front of his eyes!

Nick had suspected that the unknown man was Dio because he also disappeared without any notice, but his resource told him that Dio was having a vacation in China!

If that was the truth, then who was this unknown man!

“Coulson! Head to my office immediately!” Nick said to the intercom.

Not long after that, Coulson came to the office with the signature smile on his face.

“Did we have any high-ranking agent in Japan who was free right now?” Nick asked Coulson immediately.

“I think Barton is available, he is currently in Sapporo, dealing with another Hydra base!” Coulson answered casually.

“Great, tell him and several agents in Japan to investigate this video!” Nick said as he showed the video T’challa fighting against an unknown assailant.

“I will see what I can do, but I am afraid they may be too busy dealing with the Hydra right now! There is not much manpower left after Hydra takes over!” Coulson said sarcastically.

“Enough said, agent! A new batch of agents that have been cleared of any potential harm to the SHIELD has been confirmed. They would come in soon enough!

Coulson nodded his head while pertaining his signature smile, although he wasn’t satisfied with the director’s answer as a newbie wouldn’t have a good mission assessment in the first few missions that they were assigned to!

“What about the Captain, Director? Is he ready to be deployed?” Coulson asked casually.

“No! he still had so much to catch up, 70 years is a long time!” Nick said as he rubbed his head.

“How about Dr. Banner? Have we found his whereabouts?” Nick asked.

“Yes, I believe we were already homing in his location, Director!” Coulson said with a smile.

“Good! Just observe him for now!” Nick said dismissively.

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