Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 241


Akihabara was the center of Tokyo’s culture, but it was a pity that Dio was never able to come to this place in his past life!

But now, he didn’t have any interest in exploring this place as his interest was no longer the same as his previous life!

But not with Tony Stark, with all his eccentric nature chose to hold his international exhibition in the dead center of Akihabara, so Dio had no choice but to spend his money on the accommodation to come to Akihabara and also bought an Iron Man’s mask to blend in with the rest of the Iron Man’s fans.

Dio saw that many cosplayers came to the event with their best costume in play, but the best costume out of all of them immediately came from the sky, demanding attention from all people that attended the event!

People began to shout as Iron Man took the platform.

Dio also saw that Tony invited many girls Iron Man’s cosplayers to come to the stage with him, Dio sighed as he realized this was just Tony was, and he should’ve known better, even though he already vowed to never cheat on Pepper ever, his playboy side still popped up from time to time.

It wasn’t until the stage performance was over that he had the chance to get close to Tony as Tony immediately opened a meet and greet session with his fans after.

But it was still not to Dio’s liking as he still had to queue with the other Iron Man fans to get close to Tony.

Dio saw that Tony kept flattering the ladies while taking a short time with his male fans!

Dio was speechless with Tony’s behavior, but he must endure it as there was no other scientist who could make his weapon now!

“You want to take a picture with me? Sure, if it’s someone else, I would refuse, but you are pretty, I wouldn’t mind!” Tony said as he took a picture with a girl, but as the camera was about to take their picture, the girl kissed Tony on the cheek without Tony’s consent.

Tony then sent the girl away after that.

“Jarvis, make sure that photo is deleted, don’t let it get into the internet!” Tony said to Jarvis as he was afraid that Pepper would get the wrong idea later.

“No problem, sir! It’s already done!” Jarvis answered into Tony’s earpiece almost immediately.

After that girl, Dio’s turn finally arrived.

“Now, what is your name, and for whom did I have to sign this photo of mine for?” Tony asked Dio, who was still in his disguise and wearing an Iron Man’s mask.

Dio then slipped a piece of paper to the table that had ‘It’s me! We have to leave immediately!’ written on it.

Tony immediately noticed that the man in front of him was none other than Dio, and he smirked as he wanted to cause some scene for Dio.

“Now, I have noticed that you are wearing my mask meticulously, you have to be my big fan, aren’t you?” Tony said a bit too loudly, causing some laugh from the line behind Dio. Tony also signed the Iron Man’s photo with an extra heart and kiss symbol beside it and giving that piece of a signed photo to Dio.

“Hey, don’t make a scene, I will end this meet and greet soon!” Tony whispered to Dio as he hugged him.

Dio wanted to smash the photo to Tony’s head as soon as he saw the sign but decided not to and stepped aside to let the next person met with Tony.

Dio was eager to leave this place as soon as possible!

After the person after Dio was done taking pictures with Tony, Tony stood up from his seat and immediately announced that he must cut the event short as he said that he had to be in another place soon.

The audience began to sigh and whine as they failed to meet with Tony Stark, the Iron Man personally.

“Don’t fret! I will take ten people from the crowd with me back to the USA! Consider it a paid vacation from the Iron Man! These ten’s expenses will be paid fully by the Stark Industries!” Tony said with a smirk on his face.

The crowd began to cheer wildly as they were excited to get a free vacation to the USA!

Tony then began to choose nine women from the crowds that caught his attention, almost causing a riot as he walked towards the crowds without any bodyguards beside him.

These nine women were wearing a revealing Iron Man’s costume, which was the reason Tony picked them!

Even though he said that he was no longer a playboy, he still showed the playboy’s trait!

“Now, for the last one, I have to pick a man! I don’t want the world to think of me as unfair now, wouldn’t I!” Tony said playfully.

The crowd cheered once again, but this time, many men tried to draw Tony’s attention as they began to shout for Tony to pick them, some of them even flirted with Tony as they thought that they would get Tony’s attention that way.

Tony felt chills as he heard the men began to flirt with him, and thus, he immediately pointed towards Dio.

“It’s you! the gentlemen with Iron Man Mask!” Tony said casually.

“With the last person picked, I hope that you guys continue to live in peace and enjoy your life!” Tony said as he walked out of the event with the ten people that he picked in tow!

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