Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 242


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After arriving in New York, Tony then let Happy handle the rest of the women that he brought from Japan and immediately returned to his villa with Dio while he was still in his disguise.

People were a little confused about Tony’s behavior, and some even made a speculation that Tony has changed his preference somehow.

Once on the villa, Dio immediately dragged Tony to the boxing ring.

Dio easily overpowered Tony without breaking a sweat!

“Come on, how could your physical endurance be this bad? Aren’t you the famous Iron Man? Come on, get up! Don’t be a pussy!” Dio said tauntingly.

It was his way to pay Tony back for his action earlier towards Dio, but surely this was all just a friendly practice, Dio had no intention to hurt Tony, physically!

Tony immediately got up as he felt Dio hurt his pride; he knew that he had no chance to win against Dio as he never even won against Happy before.

Tony had no physical strength, as he put all his effort into the Iron Man Armor!

But as soon as he got up, Dio then threw a body blow directly to Tony’s chest, knocking Tony once again to the mat.

This time, Tony ignored all Dio’s taunting words as he really felt all his strength left his body!

Seeing that Tony had no more stamina to get up and continue to practice his boxing, Dio immediately took off his gloves and immediately went to take a bath.

Dio took his time to clean himself and rest for the night.

However, once he woke up, he noticed that his backpack that contained the Vibranium wasn’t where he left it anymore, and so he immediately went down toward Tony’s workshop.

And sure enough, he saw Tony was still analyzing the metal passionately.

“Where did you get this from?” Tony said curiously.

“It’s better if you don’t know!” Dio said solemnly.

“Is it compatible with the adamantium? I want this thing to be one of the materials for my blade!” Dio said curiously.

“I need to test it out to reach a definite conclusion for that, but did you know this thing is super rare? I know this is the main material for Captain America’s shield, and that is the only Vibranium that I know existed!” Tony said excitedly.

“I know that, but did you know which one is stronger, between this and adamantium?” Dio said casually.

“Well, if you look at the characteristic of the metal, Adamantium is definitely stronger, once it changed from its liquid stage to the solid stage, not even a nuclear bomb would be able to destroy it, but according to my father’s research and my earlier research, Vibranium excelled at absorbing energy, particularly the Kinetic Energy, that meant the Vibranium was more suitable for defense, while adamantium was more suitable for offense!” Tony said, stating the fact!

“So, it doesn’t really matter which one is stronger because each of them has a different built?” Dio asked for confirmation.

“Well, that was only my opinion so, I have to test it further to know the needed fact!” Tony said casually.

“Well, if that was your opinion, then Vibranium wouldn’t be suitable to be a part of my weapons, right?” Dio asked curiously.

“No, that’s not what I’m saying! I mean that Vibranium was more efficient as defensive equipment, but if it is used as an offensive weapon, it will still be a high-quality weapon! The most important thing here is how to make sure that the Vibranium and Adamantium wouldn’t lose their characteristic once we fuse them together!” Tony said as he explained his thought to Dio.

Dio fell silent for a while, trying to comprehend Tony’s words, but he immediately gave up!

“Well, I will leave it to you, since you clearly knew what you are doing, but I still want the Vibranium to be incorporated into the blade!” Dio said solemnly.

“But I am still curious on how did you obtain this metal! I know it was so rare that the SHIELD itself was having a problem finding any.” Tony asked Dio one more time.

Dio knew that Tony had caught up on him, Dio knew that there is no way Tony would believe that he found this rare metal anywhere in Japan!

Tony would have suspected that he was only in Japan as an escape to get out of his real trouble.

But despite all that, Dio still didn’t say anything and kept trying to change the topic of their conversation.

He couldn’t say that he was getting his hand on the Vibranium in somewhat illegal activities.

After all, Wakanda hasn’t established any diplomatic relations with other countries outside the African Continent.

Dio also knew that his promise to the heir of Wakanda that he was just borrowing the Vibranium and would pay them back later was completely outlandish!

There was no telling what Wakanda would need from him later, and that was why he didn’t answer any of Tony’s question regarding the Vibranium!

Tony himself has stopped asking after not having any answer from Dio, and thus he completely submerged himself back to his work on the metal, the research on the two metals was enough to excite him!

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