Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 243


After Dio returned from Tony’s place, he immediately opened his restaurant back, causing an alert in Nick Fury’s office.

Once Dio got the call from Nick, Dio kept telling him about his vacation in China and didn’t know anything about T’challa or Wakanda.

Even though Nick knew that Dio was lying, without any proof, he couldn’t do anything about it!

In the meantime, the fusion between the Adamantium and the Vibranium was proven to be a lot harder than it should, Tony has done 23 trials to fuse the two metals together, but it didn’t seem to work!

There was no progress with Destroyer’s armor either, he couldn’t find anything on earth that could damage it, and it was starting to hurt his pride!

But Tony turned his frustration into an inspiration, he began to shut himself in his workshop and began researching all the metal at the same time to find anything that he could use.

Three months have passed, and Tony finally called Dio and told him to meet him again in his villa.

Dio was excited as he knew that Tony probably had a breakthrough about the metals and the progress of making his blade!

“Now, I will make it quick so that it would be easier for both of us. I have news for you, good news and bad news!” Tony said casually.

“You mean, you found a way to merge the metals, but you lack the critical material for it?” Dio asked knowingly.

“Great, you catch on fast!” Tony said sarcastically.

“What material do you need?” Dio asked casually, ignoring Tony’s sarcastic word.

“It is the metal that makes up the Destroyer’s armor! I have researched its characteristics, and it was perfect to become the bonding agent for Vibranium and Adamantium! But this is where the bad news comes. I couldn’t extract anything from that pile of scrap! In fact, I couldn’t find anything that could damage it!” Tony said frustratingly.

“Don’t make it harder for me Tony, I know that you have found something else to replace that metal, don’t you? if not, you will not call me here to waste your time!” Dio said annoyedly.

“Well, look at that! You are a genius in disguise, aren’t you? You know, I would never disappoint my believer so, here is the good news! I have developed a fusion agent that has the same characteristic as the Destroyer’s metal, but I need a little sample from it, and I also need you to join me while forging your blade! But don’t be too happy yet, even with that said, the probability of success is only at 30%!” Tony said excitedly.

“Now, when do we start?” Dio asked casually.

“Well, as soon as you get the sample of that Destroyer’s armor!” Tony said casually.

Dio immediately went to the Triskelion building as soon as he left Tony’s villa, he needed to get the sample that Tony was asking for inside the SHIELD’s base as soon as possible!

The issue here was only to get past Nick Fury’s observation!

As soon as he got there, he was blocked by an agent who said that he needed a pass issued by Director Fury to enter the building. This was all because of the Hydra’s incident earlier, the SHIELD has upped their security measure to the point of complete lockdown!

So, to answer the agent’s question about his pass, Dio punched the metal wall beside the agent’s head, resulting in many agents instantly arrived at Dio’s location, ready with their firearms!

“I don’t know if Natasha ever told you about me, but I absolutely hated it when someone points a gun at me!” Dio said coldly.

The place suddenly felt chilling as Dio was prepared to break every arm that was holding a gun towards him, but Coulson arrived, breaking the intense situation.

“Hey, put down your weapons agent, if you didn’t want to spend the rest of your life in the hospital!” Coulson said casually.

All agents immediately lowered their guns and returned to their designated locations.

“I am sorry about that; they don’t really know about you as they are new agents who recently passed the test!” Coulson said casually as always.

“Director Fury is waiting for you; you could walk straight in!” Coulson said still with his signature smile.

Dio then walked inside SHIELD’s base while following Coulson to Fury’s office.

The veteran agent inside the base was all shook their head as they knew what happened outside, thinking those new agents sure were brave, stopping Dio like that!

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