Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 244


“You want a small piece of the armor from the destroyer?” Fury asked curiously.

Before Dio asked for it, the piece had a small value, and now that Dio came to the SHIELD’s headquarter, Fury realized that the small piece really had some hidden value that he didn’t know before.

“Yes! I don’t think we have to do this back and forth. I really want that piece! So, let’s strike a bargain for it!” Dio said confidently.

“No, before that, may I ask what will you do with that piece?” Fury asked curiously.

“Remember when I told you I really wanted a weapon?” Dio said annoyedly.

Fury froze on the spot as he realized how valuable the small piece really was, if it could be tempered into a weapon, it would have an amazing value!

“Then, you have all other materials already?” Fury asked curiously.

“Probably, it doesn’t really matter.” Dio said casually.

Dio didn’t really care if Fury realized that he was really the one who stole the Adamantium from the army or the Vibranium from Wakanda, as he suspected that Fury had long known that it was him all along!

But Fury’s word after that really annoyed him to the core!

“I am sorry, according to the SHIELD’s regulation, any alien item that has come to Earth and in possession of SHIELD wasn’t allowed to fall for the outside party!” Fury said solemnly.

“Now, how about I trade it with another metal that was currently in my possession? Would you agree?” Dio asked confidently.

“Well, it depends. If it’s adamantium that you speak of, I am not that interested in it!” Fury said as he sipped his coffee.

“I have Vibranium on my possession right now! You know how valuable that metal was, in fact, I believe it was the main material used to make the famous shield that was used by the famous Captain America in world war 2, am I correct?” Dio said with a smirk on his face.

Hearing the name Vibranium from Dio’s mouth, Fury was all ears!

“Vibranium? Did you really have this thing?” Fury asked curiously.

“Now, I wouldn’t lie, would I? So, do you accept my term or not?” Dio asked Fury confidently.

Fury was silent for a while, contemplating his choices and options.

Dio believed that Fury wouldn’t refuse his offer, but complete to Dio’s surprise, the next word that came out from Fury’s mouth was unexpected!

“I will refuse your term for now, but I don’t think we’re done making deals just yet!” Fury said confidently to Dio.

“Agent, bring me Item HMZ-1 immediately. I will wait in my office!” Fury said to his agent through his phone.

After a while, an agent came to Fury’s office with a suitcase in his hand.

Fury immediately dismissed the agent and opened the suitcase to show Dio the piece of Destroyer’s armor.

“This is what you want, correct?” Fury asked confidently.

Dio was confused as the next thing he knew Fury was sliding the suitcase to Dio’s direction, completely giving Dio the piece he needed without so much a demand!

“Now, what the hell do you want, Fury? I know that you will not give it away just like that. So, do you want me to be part of your stupid Avenger program?” Dio asked annoyedly.

“No, of course not! I don’t like to force others to be part of my mission. I think it’s better for this piece to be used toward a friend’s benefit, don’t you think so? But then again, a friend should help each other, wouldn’t you agree?” Fury said as he smirked confidently towards Dio.

For the first time since entering the building, Dio wanted to leave and forget anything about this small piece of metal!

But it was already too late!

“You won! I accept your bargain. Now I will take this and leave! Don’t regret your decision later!” Dio said as he took the suitcase and immediately walked toward the door.

“Of course, if there is anything you need from the SHIELD in the future, don’t be shy to call me!” Fury said with a satisfied smirk in his face.

“Okay, I hope I can sleep peacefully tonight!” Dio said as he walked gloomily out of Fury’s office.

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