Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 245


Three days have passed since Dio gave the Destroyer Armor piece to Tony, and Tony stuffed his workshop with so many equipment used for forging Dio’s blade!

His workshop looked like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

“I will start in a second, but you remember everything I need you to do, right?” Tony said to Dio while looking slightly unsure.

“Relax, I will do my best!” Dio said as he stood on the spot that Tony has specially made for him.

That was the only piece of Destroyer Armor that they had, meaning that if they failed, Tony must think of another way to forge Dio’s blade!

“Energy output 80%” A machine’s voice informed Tony.

Not long after, Dio saw that the Vibranium began to turn into liquid and merge with the Adamantium, this was one of the characteristics of the Vibranium.

It will lose its original property after introduced into a certain sound wave.

Tony has read the information that his father described in his journal, and that was why he knew how to forge the Vibranium properly, but he couldn’t use all of his father’s method, because his father forged defensive equipment while Tony himself was forging offensive equipment!

Not long after, the machine’s voice once again informed that the sound wave was stable at 93%.

At the same time, the Vibranium was decomposed into a tiny little piece that was almost invisible!

“Start Compression!” Tony said as he activated the ark reactor in the corner of the room.

He wanted to use clean energy from the arc reactor to compress the Vibranium and Adamantium into a mold that he has designed.

“Inject Adamantium to the mold!” Tony said commandingly.

At the same time, the machine near the mold began to inject liquid Adamantium to the mold, and once it was filled, the decomposed Vibranium was moved to the top of the mold as the machine began to compress it together.

“Now, this is the most crucial part that I told you about! I need your power here as I will turn back the Vibranium back to its solid-state! So, tell me when you ready!” Tony said solemnly.

Dio took a deep breath and shook his head a couple of times to get into the groove, “I am ready. Let’s do this!” Dio said confidently.

Tony nodded and immediately moved the mechanical arm to put the Destroyer Armor Piece to the mold with the liquid Adamantium.

“Jarvis, prepare to turn off the Sound wave stabilizer!” Tony ordered.

“Countdown, 3, 2, 1!” Tony said as a signal to Dio.

Dio immediately covered the mold with his Hamon Energy to prevent it from breaking apart!

But still, as the Sound wave stabilizer was turned off, the Adamantium and the Vibranium began to collide wildly, the mold was showing a crack as it couldn’t contain all the energy generated from the fusion of the two metals!

As he observed the forging process, Dio finally realized why Tony needed his help to forge this weapon.

Tony knew that somehow Dio was able to activate the property inside the Destroyer Armor, and that property was Dark Matter!

Dio now realized that the magic inside the Destroyer Armor was none other than Dark Matter Energy!

So, Tony told Dio to hold the mold with his power to prevent it from breaking apart and to activate the property of the Destroyer Armor Piece to fuse the Adamantium and the Vibranium together!

The Destroyer Armor Piece had another property to absorb energy and channel it safely to a certain path, Tony had also created this path to contain the excess energy from the Destroyer Armor Piece! Everything was going very smoothly according to Tony’s plan, but a problem soon showed its tail!

The Dark Matter container that Tony has made to contain the energy from the Destroyer Armor Piece began to beep and flashed a yellow colour, meaning that the container was reaching a full capacity!

“Jarvis, accelerate the energy flow!” Tony shouted, ordering Jarvis to circulate the energy inside the container.

“Sir, too much energy for circulation, I am afraid the circuit wouldn’t be able to handle it!” Jarvis said warning Tony.

“it will only cause a large-scale outage, but if we don’t do that, this place would be bombarded along with 20 km worth of area!” Tony said nervously.

“Wait, let me try something!” Dio suddenly said, interrupting Tony.

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