Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 246


“What? Did you have some means to circulate the energy?” Tony said as he looked at Dio nervously.

“I couldn’t explain it now! Let me try first!” Dio said as he increased the Hamon Energy output that he used to contain the mold with.

In his mind, Dio knew that energy could cancel out each other so, all he had to do was increase his own Hamon Energy to the point that it would block the Dark Matter Energy that the Destroyer Armor Piece released.

Tony clicked his tongue in desperation and immediately suited up his Iron Man suit, but he knew that the suit wouldn’t exactly save him from Dark Matter Explosion!

“Forced Ripple Breathing!” Dio shouted as he used the Hamon technique to perceive his surroundings.

He had to use this technique in order to see the Dark Matter Energy from the mold and thus able to react in time to block it!

But Dio could only do so much, the Dark Matter Energy proved to be a challenge even for him, his Hamon Energy was being sucked, he didn’t know how long he would be able to keep this up!

Tony at the moment was able to breathe in relief, the data showed that the Dark Matter Energy had been reduced significantly, but after looking at Dio and noticed him sweating all over his face, Tony knew that Dio wouldn’t be able to keep whatever he was doing for a long time!

So, he immediately made his move!

“Jarvis! Turn on the energy pipeline transference, increase the overload rate, and put the excess energy to the entire villa!” Tony ordered Jarvis confidently.

“Right away, Sir!” Jarvis said, and as soon as he said so, the light bulb on the entire house exploded, and a burnt smell filled the entire villa, but it wasn’t from fire but from the fried circuit inside every electrical appliance inside the villa!

Tony and Dio kept struggling to make this one chance they had success!

Not long after that, the mold began to turn green, meaning that the fusion inside was a success, but Tony knew that it wasn’t over just yet, he still had to diffuse the Dark Matter Energy trapped by Dio’s power!

The mold began to crack, followed by the safety glass shattered all over the place!

Dio immediately threw [Anubis] towards the cracking mold, he hoped that the weapon inside was good enough to be the host of [Anubis], he has done all he could, and now he surrendered it all to fate!

But, as soon as the Stand card hit the cracking mold, the dark matter energy exploded!

Dio was surprised, but he was quick enough to summon the [The World], he immediately used the [The World] special skill to stop the time, but as he only had 100.000 Hamon Energy left, he had to be quick!

He grabbed Tony and immediately sprinted as fast as he could and as far as he could in a matter of a second!

The time resumed, and because of the Dark Matter Energy contained in the mold wasn’t as much as in the container, the explosion only blasted 10 meters from the mold, but it also meant that Tony’s villa was partly destroyed!

Not only that, but all electrical appliances in Tony’s villa were also destroyed!

“What happen just now?” Tony asked as he recovered from the shock.

He was confused as he didn’t feel any explosion trauma on his body and the fact that he somehow got away from the explosion radius.

But as he looked at Dio on his side, he knew that Dio had something to do with it.

Dio was panting, completely exhausted from having almost all his Hamon Energy depleted!

“Did we fail? Or did we succeed?” Tony asked curiously.

Dio could only shake his head as he didn’t know himself, he had not thought of saving the weapon when the explosion happened.

But he knew even if he tried, he wouldn’t be able to save it with his time stop ability, the weapon was inside the mold, and the mold was completely covered by Dark Matter Energy!

“I’ll check it out now!” Tony said unsurely.

He immediately walked back into the place that was once his workshop and started looking for any form of weapon lying around the explosion site.

A few minutes later, Dio who has recovered some of his Hamon Energy back, could finally walk again.

As soon as he stood up, he heard Tony was calling for him!

“It’s here! We succeed, it’s all intact!” Tony shouted excitedly.

Tony flew toward Dio with a dark red long knife-like object on his hand.

The blade was about a meter long, but Dio noticed that it was slightly crooked and the body of the blade was decorated by an Egyptian–like tribal tattoo and it was also covered by a scale that looked like the Destroyer Armor!

Tony immediately handed it over to Dio, and as he inspected the blade closely, Dio couldn’t help but notice that Tony was frowning slightly.

“Hey, does it have the same weight as what you intend it to be?” Dio asked Tony curiously.

“No, it doesn’t, it looks completely far from what I design it to be, but hey, we still succeed in making the one and only weapon of its kind! But I could say that you are still lucky that the weapon is still usable at the least, it didn’t have any defect except for the extremely short handle!” Tony said as he tried to act casual.

“To be honest, I don’t think that we could succeed in the first place, so I would say that we are extremely lucky this time!” Tony said solemnly.

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