Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 247


Dio nodded as he thought the same thing as Tony did, but Dio guessed that the weapon’s shape was related to [Anubis] that he threw at the last moment.

After all, he could see some Egyptian influence on the weapon shape.

But Dio began to wonder what would happen if he injected some of his Hamon energy into the blade.

And thus, he immediately did, he assumed that the only thing that would happen was activating [Anubis], but he was soon proven to be wrong!

The first thing that happened was he established a connection with [Anubis], proving that the blade was successfully inhibited by [Anubis] and the second thing that happened as he injected more Hamon Energy inside the blade was it began to shake!

The blade on Dio’s hand was beginning to change the form, the sharp part of the blade began to bend more than it already did before, and the short handle that was also covered with scales began to elongate, and the scales also covered half of the blade part, making it looked like an intricate work of art!

As soon as it finished transforming, Dio was shocked to see its final shape!

It was a scythe, a deep dark red scythe!

Dio raised the scythe to the air and saw that the weapon was bigger than before, the sickle itself was almost two meters long!

Tony, who was beside Dio the entire time, was also shocked beyond belief at the weapon’s transformation!

The change was outrageous!

Not only it couldn’t be explained by science, but it also turned into a scary-looking weapon!

A few hours later, Tony and Dio arrived at Stark Building.

Tony’s villa was completely in wreck, there was nothing else they could do over there, so they left it as soon as Tony called a team of engineers to repair his villa.

Both couldn’t wait to test out the weapon, and that was why they came to the Stark Building as it was also equipped with a bunch of research equipment capable of testing out the weapon.

But Pepper, who was on the building, immediately screamed at Tony as soon as she heard the report that Tony has successfully blown up their house, and she also made Tony promise that he wouldn’t destroy the Stark Building too.

Although, in the end, she still couldn’t believe Tony 100%, she let him do what he wanted and evacuated everyone near the lab that Tony will use.

“Besides being homeless once again, I think we are good!” Tony said to Dio as he equipped his Iron Man’s armor once again.

Dio nodded his head helplessly because he knew that there was no way he could ask for the money that Tony owed anymore.

Tony’s villa was worth around 30 million dollars, and that was not including any electrical appliance that he had in that villa!

Dio assumed that the total cost of the weapon in his hands right now was around 100 million dollars, which was too much!

“Let’s test the blade’s sharpness first! I am curious about how sharp it is. I will set up some alloy of different strengths, see if you can cut them down and report back on how much force you need to cut them down, okay?” Tony said excitedly.

Dio nodded his head as he understood what Tony asked him to do.

Dio then immediately stood in front of a neatly placed alloy plates with different thickness.

Because he wasn’t that confident of the weapon yet, he used a little bit of force as he swung the scythe toward the alloy plates.

The next scene completely shocked Tony and Dio completely, all of the alloy plates that Tony had prepared was cut in half, but not only that, the weapon was completely soundproof, there was no sound at all as the weapon cut through the air and cut through the alloy plates!

The weapon even showed no resistance at all as it cut through the alloy plates like a hot knife through butter!

Dio swung the scythe vigorously through the air several times to hear if there was any sound, but there was no sound whatsoever!

Tony’s eyes widened in disbelief, this weapon was really of high quality!

“It seems that there is only one test left that we can do for this weapon!” Tony said with a sour tone on his voice.

Dio would brag about this weapon later, he was sure of it!

After Tony was done testing anything that he could think of from the scythe, he looked at Dio silently in complete disbelief.

The weapon has surpassed every test that Tony had done, surpassing even his highest expectation!

The weapon even had the power to absorb and store any form of energy and use it for its own benefit!

Tony even used the Sound Wave Stabilizer to see if he could weaken or break the weapon, but it was a complete failure!

The weapon flaw from the Vibranium material was completely erased!

This was a weapon of myth!

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