Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 248


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After holding his weapon, Dio tried to communicate with the [Anubis] inside the blade, but he didn’t receive any response from it.

So, Dio stopped pestering it any further for the moment, he thought that he would find a way to activate [Anubis] later.

Dio also named the Scythe [Grim Reaper] because [Anubis] was the god of death of Egyptian Myths, and it was only right to name it [Grim Reaper], his western counterpart.

The name itself also implied that whoever became Dio’s enemies will see the death god sooner than their time would be!

Dio also thought of naming the scythe [Goddess of Death] before, but as he remembered that Marvel had the real goddess of death, he refrained from using it, for it may cause trouble in the future!

Time flew, and suddenly, it was already August!

While Dio’s restaurant was stable once again, the new threat was coming close sooner than Dio had expected himself!

Loki had shown himself on earth!

Sirens could be heard from SHIELD’s West Division’s secret base, the people ran outside in chaos as many helicopters and heavy-armed vehicles were trying to evacuate every personnel inside the base.

But Nick Fury rushed in, clearly having his own objective that he desperately had to save.

SHIELD’s West Division secret base was originally NASA Space Radiation Centre, and later SHIELD turned it into their own Accelerator Test Centre.

It once carried out the SHIELD’s Pegasus project, which ended after the death of Dr. Lawson!

Now, this place was used to research the weaponization of the Cube!

After the Cube opened a wormhole that sucked in a strange staff, the scientist working on the Cube was baffled, but not until they were killed by Loki, who suddenly appeared near the Staff and began on his killing spree.

There was no one who could stop him as he also placed Hawkeye under his mind control!

In despair to prevent Loki from escaping with the Cube, Nick Fury activated the base’s self-destruction system.

But unfortunately, Loki, Hawkeye, and Dr. Selvig escaped nonetheless with the Cube, leaving a frustrated Director Fury in front of a destroyed base.

A prelude to the war in the middle of the city of New York!

The next day, Dio was still opening his business as usual, but as the last guest left the restaurant, a person that he hasn’t seen for a long time suddenly showed up again.

“Hey beautiful, you are that IRS agent, right?” Will asked flirtatiously.

“You have good memories! So, can you be a dear and step outside for a couple of minutes? I need to talk with your boss in private!” Natasha said to Will with a flirtatious look that a normal man wouldn’t be able to resist.

But Will was different, he was loyal to Dio no matter what happened, so he just stood there waiting for Dio to confirm whether he should step out for a while or not.

But as soon as Dio saw Natasha, he nodded to Will, signaling that he was okay, so Will immediately stepped out to smoke for a while.

“Natasha! I haven’t seen you in a while! I heard that you have been on a mission as of late!” Dio said as he offered a drink to Natasha.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen you in a while, but you are still weird! Couldn’t you throw me a glass of wine instead of water?” Natasha asked teasingly.

“It’s still working time, I’m personally a believer of no drinking while working kind of guy. But maybe I could ask you out tonight?” Dio asked teasingly.

“Thank you very much, but I am afraid we don’t have time for that! A new trouble has arisen, this time the Asgardian who claimed himself as Loki appeared inside SHIELD’s secret base and stole the Cube, a weapon that was being researched there! We need your help!” Natasha said hopefully.

Hearing Loki’s name and Natasha’s hopeful eyes, Dio tried to look away in annoyance!

He didn’t expect Loki would come this fast, but fortunately for Dio, the plot of the movie was still the same!

But Dio had already predicted the plot wouldn’t change if SHIELD were still researching the Cosmic Cube, Loki’s arrival was inevitable.

But he couldn’t blame SHIELD, they didn’t know that Loki will eventually target the Cube and fearlessly charged inside the SHIELD’s heavy-armed base like it was nothing.

The next thing that Dio started to think about was what role he needed to play in this upcoming war?

But one thing that he knew for sure was New York would become a battlefield, and no one was safe after that!

Dio also remembered that every little preparation that he had done to this day was for this upcoming war, and he relaxed a little bit and smiled to himself as he thought that maybe with his intervention, he could end this war earlier than it should!

“I need to know the detailed information of the incident, and also, what did the SHIELD need me to do?” Dio asked Natasha solemnly.

Natasha was surprised as this was the first time that Dio agreed to help without any unusual demand!

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