Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 249


Dio agreed to help SHIELD for now, but he also made sure that he won’t join SHIELD in any way!

He knew that he had no obligation to help SHIELD, but he couldn’t let the innocent people fall victim from this inevitable war, after all, Dio still had his own sense of justice, no matter how twisted it may be.

But he also had his own hesitation about joining this war, he knew that after this, the Avengers would have their own dilemma to the public, for the people would demand them to compensate for the destruction of New York!

Dio knew that was all bullshit!

There was no way a group of people that risked their lives to fight against an evil army was responsible for the destruction of those people’s shit!

If Dio deals with that kind of people in the future, he won’t hesitate to blow their heads off!

For this sole reason, Dio couldn’t and had no intention to be shackled!

Natasha immediately relayed everything that Dio has said to Fury, and without hesitation, Fury agreed on Dio’s term.

Fury knew that agreeing to Dio’s term was a breach on SHIELD’s policy, but there was no middle ground on the safety of the entire human race!

He couldn’t be selfish and reject Dio’s offer to help just because Dio didn’t want to be part of the SHIELD!

So, knowing that the battle will take place in New York, Dio immediately called Will and all other people that he cared for and told them to take a vacation away from New York.

Fortunately for Will, Dio also agreed to pay for all his expenses wherever he wanted to go!

But for the rest of the people he cared for, he had to persuade them, such as Jessica and Kristin, who had their own work that they couldn’t simply leave behind while Irene was still in school.

Dio also canceled all the reservations on his restaurant with a promise to reschedule soon, he also advised for all his guests to leave New York for the time being.

He knew that his guest would have no reason to take his warning seriously, and thus he hoped that they wouldn’t be caught on the battle!

Dio then took Natasha to his villa, for he had to prepare some of his own necessity and a couple of things that he had to take before he went to SHIELD’s base. He also took all the Snails that he put on the Aquascape on his villa.

“Look, you know this snail wasn’t any normal snail, right? But it has more capabilities than communicating. It could keep you alive if your life is ever in danger!” Dio said solemnly.

“So, make sure that you keep it on you at all times and don’t kill it, I have enough of Coulson’s incident! Fortunately, it can keep on splitting into another snail if the main body wasn’t dead, but it could only split to the maximum of nine now!” Dio added warningly.

“So, a total of ten persons could be included in this mind communication thing, including yourself?” Natasha asked curiously.

“No, it’s nine including me! The one that Coulson killed couldn’t regenerate anymore!” Dio said casually.

“Now, you know why I am so adamant on demanding a million dollar for what he did!” Dio said confidently.

“So, this is the weapon that you and Tony built?” Natasha said to change the topic of the conversation.

The SHIELD had noticed the strange electrical discharge and the explosion on Tony’s villa, they also knew Tony and Dio had tested some kind of new weapon inside the Stark Building soon after!

So, Dio nodded, but he didn’t explain anything regarding the {Grim Reaper}.

Natasha knew how Dio was. Therefore she didn’t pester about the weapon anymore.

“So, where to next?” Dio asked Natasha casually.

“To Director Fury’s location!” Natasha said casually, but Dio noticed that there was something that Natasha hasn’t said yet.

“You have other tasks, don’t you?” Dio asked knowingly.

“Well yeah, after I got you to Director Fury’s location safely, I need to go to Kolkata to convince the Hulk to join us! You know, the more, the merrier!” Natasha said sarcastically.

“Wow, I am hurt! It seems my presence is not enough!” Dio said teasingly.

“Hold on! If it makes your ego any better, you are the hardest person in my book to convince! In fact, I’ve already prepared 32 different sets of scenarios to make sure you join us!” Natasha said annoyedly.

“Thanks to you, all of my preparation is wasted!” Natasha added sarcastically.

Dio smiled as he felt satisfied with Natasha’s annoyance.

“Perhaps I do need to listen to those 32 scenarios! Now, I am quite curious about what you have prepared for me!” Dio said teasingly.

“I can say that one of them is a temptation! Kind of promising that there is nothing would happen afterward!” Natasha said flirtatiously.

“Now, I am starting to regret agreeing too fast!” Dio said jokingly.

Whether Natasha promised that she wouldn’t do anything afterward, Dio would never bring Natasha to his bed!

First, Natasha was an 80-Year-old hag, and the second was Dio had already seen Natasha as a family member, not a love interest!

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