Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 250


“Are you seriously putting the fate of all humanity on the hands of a bunch freaks!” The International Security Council questioned Nick Fury furiously.

But Nick didn’t care about any of their unreasonable requests and therefore, he continued with his plan confidently.

“Sir! Agent Romanoff and Mr. Dio have arrived!” An Agent reported to Nick casually.

Nick Fury immediately regained his composure and told the agent to send Natasha and Dio in.

A few minutes later, Dio and Natasha walked into Nick’s office casually.

“I am a little bit shocked that you agreed to help almost immediately, it seems my investment earlier has finally paid off!” Nick said sarcastically.

“Perhaps I have jumped to the conclusion a little bit too fast, if I may, you could start over again as I walk out of the door!” Dio said teasingly.

“Forget it! Let’s just talk about your payment now!” Nick said annoyedly.

Nick then nodded his head to Natasha, and she immediately left the room after that, it seemed Nick signaled for Natasha to do her other mission!

“Well, it seems I don’t have any other option!” Dio said casually.

“What do you want?” Nick said solemnly.

“Well, all I need is delicious food and accommodation! I am a picky eater, and I am also picky when it comes to my sleep. And the second thing is that I am here as a guest of SHIELD, I am not your employee, and therefore, if I am unhappy, someone would also be unhappy!” Dio said casually.

“That’s all? Are you sure?” Nick asked a little bit surprised by Dio’s word.

“Of course not! Who do you think I am?! I also charge SHIELD for $ 100 a day as long as I am here!” Dio said casually.

“Did I hear you, right? $100? Did you forget a few zeros there?” Nick said in disbelief.

“Hey, I am not here to get rich!” Dio said casually.

Nick then stared at Dio seriously as if Dio was an imposter, but there was no telling, as Dio’s personality was still the same as before, and so he agreed immediately.

“I heard that you and Tony had successfully created a superweapon, is it true? Can I have the honor to see it too?” Nick said as he changed the subject of the conversation.

“There would come a time for that, be patient!” Dio said as he smirked.

     . . . . . . . . . . . .   

A couple of days after, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Dio, and Nick Fury were assembled inside one room, Clint Barton and Thor were also supposed to be there, but Barton was still under Loki’s spell, and Thor was still trying to find a way to get to earth!

“Now, what can we do to find this Loki guy? We have the resource to scan the camera and phones all over the earth, but I am afraid it will take time to do all that!” Nick said solemnly.

“As you finish doing that, the war would be here already!” Steve said solemnly.

“You have to narrow the search scope! It would be faster that way!” Banner said trying to give his input.

“And that is why you are here, Doctor!” Nick said solemnly.

“The Cube that he stole emitted Gamma Radiation, and we hope that you would be able to track him down with your expertise.” Nick said solemnly.

“How many spectrometers did you have?” Banner asked curiously.

“How many do you need?” Nick countered.

“If you could contact all laboratories that have one and tell them to put the spectrometer on the roof and told them to set the spectrometer to calibrate and search for Gamma rays. I will draft an algorithm to find the specific Gamma wave that the Cube released from your data. At least we can rule out a place where the gamma wave wasn’t detected, and I also need a place to work!” Banner said confidently.

“Agent Romanoff, could you please show Dr. Banner his workplace!” Nick said politely, Banner wasn’t any different from any scientists that he has met before, slightly introverted, and shy, but the real reason that Banner was called was none other than the Hulk!

Romanoff and Banner soon left the room, and Nick immediately set his eyes to Tony.

“It pains me when you look at me like that!” Tony said sarcastically.

“No time Tony, how much did you know about portals? I believe that Loki was planning to create a portal so that he could bring the alien army to earth! It will be easier to predict his move if we know what the hell he needs next!” Nick said solemnly.

Nick Fury’s analysis was correct, the only problem now was Dr. Selvig, he has already researched the Cube for quite some time.

The only one who could figure out Dr. Selvig’s next move on Nick Fury’s book was only Tony!

Tony was a genius who could master any form of knowledge, and Nick hoped he knew what to think of next!

“In theory, a lot of things were necessary in order to create a portal, but the difficult thing to find is probably not difficult if Barton was with them!” Tony said casually.

“So, what is it?” Nick said annoyedly.

“Iridium!” Dio said casually.

“Wow, I never knew you understand how Thermonuclear astrophysics works, I thought you only have the knowledge of Physics high school teacher!” Tony said sarcastically.

“Tony! Not this time!” Nick said annoyedly.

“Right, so yeah, Iridium! It can be used as a stabilizer, preventing the portal from collapsing by itself. It also works as the control so that they can control how big the portal would be and how long they want it to remain open!” Tony said explaining his knowledge.

“Oh yeah, the other thing that they need is also high-density energy to sustain the Cube while it’s active!” Tony said as he remembered another essential thing to the portal.

“Does he need any specific type of energy?” Steve asked curiously, but Tony was interrupted before he could answer as an agent barged in and reported that Loki had been sighted in Stuttgart, Germany!

“Heinrich Schafer is in Stuttgart! Now it’s clear that they are after the Iridium!” Nick said determinedly.

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