Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 251


Dio and the other Avengers members quickly arrived at Stuttgart, where they predicted Loki would appear!

Sure enough, they immediately received a feed from a private party that Loki was indeed there and that he currently turned the entire party his captive.

But as soon as Loki saw Captain America, he immediately bombarded the place, not caring for the life of the innocents around him!

This was different than what Dio knew Loki would do, in MCU, Loki deliberately let himself captured by Captain America and then used some trickery to release the Hulk!

So, Dio, who immediately realized that things were starting to change, immediately pulled out his [Grim Reaper] and chased Loki down.

Dio didn’t think much of the people around him as it was Tony and Captain America’s job to save them, Dio focused his attention solely on Loki, Dio really wanted to kill this man!

Even though Dio knew that Loki would redeem himself in the future, he wouldn’t be able to change the consequences of his action right now!

After all, if he killed Loki right now, neither the New York Battle nor the Civil War would happen!

Loki was Looking at a strange man holding a horrifying weapon, Loki’s mischievous look suddenly changed. He immediately replicated himself a bunch of times and immediately used the scepter power to make Dio kneel.

The scepter had the Mind Gem as its core, in theory, only a few people could resist its mind-controlling ability.

Tony who was nearby at the time instantly fell down from the sky and forced to kneel, Captain America was also forced to kneel, but he was still on the verge of resisting the Mind Gem, while it had no effect at Dio at all!

Dio had a strong mental fortitude, making the Mind Gem rather useless against him!

Dio then quickly swung his scythe towards Loki’s replica and used [Hermit Purple] to attack Loki, but Dio was surprised as Loki was able to block [Hermit Purple]’s vine attack while slightly looking taken aback by the sudden attack, Dio began to wonder if it was possible that Loki had the ability to see his Stands?

Dio knew that Thor could somehow feel the Stand’s presence, but he still couldn’t see it, was it because of Loki’s proficiency in magic that allowed him to notice the Stand image?

“Metal Silver Overdrive!” Dio said as he discharged a wave of his Hamon Energy towards the [Grim Reaper].

Loki immediately used the scepter to block Dio’s attack, and as [Grim Reaper] clashed against the scepter, an explosion immediately sent Loki flying while Dio was holding his ground with the protection of his Hamon Energy.

Loki, who fell on the ground, immediately searched for his scepter, and immediately felt terrified as he saw the scepter was broken beyond repair!

This was the weapon that Thanos gave him, it had the power of the universe in it, how could a mortal weapon break it?

Dio didn’t care about Loki’s disturbed expression at all and immediately jumped in to deal the finishing blow to Loki.

“Dio, wait! Don’t kill him yet!” Tony shouted from behind.

“Stop, we have to question him on the Cube’s whereabout!” Captain America shouted worriedly.

“I surrender!” Loki said while holding his hands up to make sure that he wasn’t killed, but Dio was already determined to change the plot of the current story by killing Loki, but as soon as he swung the Scythe towards Loki’s head, a huge thunder struck Loki’s location and [Grim Reaper] was immediately stopped by the Mjolnir!

Thor’s domineering figure immediately stood between Loki and Dio.

“You saved my life once again, brother!” Loki said excitedly.

Thor didn’t reply to Loki’s sarcastic comment but instead held Loki down and place Mjolnir in Loki’s chest to make sure that he couldn’t go anywhere.

“Now, where is the Cube, Loki?!” Thor asked furiously.

“Now, now! don’t start getting angry with me, brother! if it’s not because of me, you wouldn’t be able to return to Midgard!” Loki said solemnly.

“No, this is all because of you! I thought you were dead as you fell into the abyss!” Thor said angrily.

“I am sorry to interrupt, but you are holding our prisoner over there! We need him for further questioning down in the precinct!” Tony said sarcastically.

“Do you know him?” Captain America asked Tony as he felt Tony was talking to someone he knew.

“Well, he was the mythological Norse God, Loki the mischievous. He once tricked Odin to banish Thor to Earth without his godly power, and he also sent the Destroyer Armor to kill Thor, his own brother!” Tony said annoyedly.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while, I will talk to you once I find the Cube and take Loki to prison!” Thor said as he noticed Dio.

“Thor! Put him down! He stole the Cube while also taking so many innocent lives! I can’t let you take him away!” Dio said coldly.

Thor suddenly frowned as he felt that the timing his father, Odin, sent him to Midgard was too coincidental, it was obvious to Thor that Odin still didn’t want Loki to die!

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