Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 252


“Loki is Asgard’s citizen. Therefore I have to take him to Asgard for trial!” Thor said confidently.

Loki was Thor’s younger brother, even though he had a great affection towards Earth, he still had his responsibility for his family and Asgard!

“I hate to disappoint you, Thor! But this is Earth, we have our own law here!” Dio said coldly. He doesn’t want to let Loki get away this time, for Dio deemed that he was the root of all trouble in the future!

Feeling that there is no way Thor would leave Loki in the Avengers’s hand, Captain America immediately made his move. He ran towards Thor with his shield in hand. Thor, who also knew that he wouldn’t be able to take Loki to Asgard peacefully, quickly called Mjolnir back and immediately swung it toward Captain America.

However, Captain America successfully blocked the attack, and because of his Shield’s Vibranium core, the shield successfully absorbed all the energy from the impact!

Tony took it as a signal for him to attack too, he immediately shot Thor with his Palm Cannon with a bunch of small missiles to increase the firepower!

During all this, Dio kept his eyes locked on Loki’s position, he knew that Loki would try to escape, and he couldn’t let that happen!

As soon as Dio saw Loki made his move, he immediately ran toward Loki as fast as he could.

Loki saw Dio coming, and because he knew that there was no way that he would win against Dio and his weird weapon head-on, Loki returned to his magic nature, He began to chant his spell once again, but Dio was too fast, he reached Loki before he could finish his spell!

Loki immediately blocked Dio’s scythe with his crumbling scepter once again, and fortunately for Loki, he succeeded once again on staying alive!

Thor, who was blown away by Tony’s attack, saw that Dio was currently battling his brother.

Knowing that there was no way Loki would win against Dio, Thor immediately flew toward Loki in a flash and blocked Dio’s next attack for him.

The situation became quite troubling. Thor proved himself capable of defending Loki as he knew that Dio and the others wouldn’t kill him and thus making his move quite confident.

Moreover, Loki who was confident that Thor would always defend him began to chant another spell!

Loki wasn’t the most powerful individual in Asgard, in fact, he could be considered weak in front of many Asgardian Warriors, but Loki had the strongest self-protection capabilities!

He could survive tenaciously in any environment he was thrown into!

“Thor, you better get out of my way! Did you ever think that you could stop me!” Dio said coldly.

“Don’t you ever think I am weaker than you! I am not the mortal that you beat before, I have my divine power back now!” Thor said as he slammed Tony with Mjolnir, hit Captain America with his lightning strike, and blocked Dio’s attack with Mjolnir.

Dio had enough!

After knowing that [Grim Reaper] couldn’t break through Mjolnir’s defense, Dio immediately summoned the [The World] and ordered him to punch the unsuspecting Thor!

Thor was smashed hard, he was sent flying into the nearest building, and Dio ordered for the [Hermit Purple] to bind Thor.

“Where do you think you’re going, Mr. God!” Dio said as he blocked Loki’s escape.

Loki carefully stepped back from Dio and bumped into Captain America’s shield, Tony was also coming over while holding his palm cannon towards Loki!

Loki immediately raised his hands, signaling his surrender!

Tony and Steve looked at each other with a knowing look that their jobs were finally over for tonight, but at the same time, Dio was still holding on his weapon readily, Tony and Steve immediately understood that Dio had no intention to let Loki live!

“Hey, I already gave up!” Loki said nervously.

Tony and Steve immediately stepped forward and stopped Dio before he could get closer to Loki.

“Dio, stop! We still need to question him on the Cube’s position! We have to take him back alive!” Tony said as he tried to reason with Dio.

“Dr. Banner would find the Cube! This guy is cunning, it is better for everyone if he is dead!” Dio said coldly.

There is no doubt in Dio’s mind that whatever Loki has planned, he wouldn’t follow any of it!

“Although I don’t really know your true intention for killing this guy, I have a task to take him alive! Mr. Stark, if you may, please escort our prisoner back to the base!” Steve said confidently.

Dio immediately laughed as he began to wonder if Steve was also under Loki’s brainwashing power, he couldn’t understand why there were so many people there trying to save Loki.

But unbeknownst to everyone, Thor was already on top of everyone and immediately called a thunder strike on Dio and everyone else!

Fortunately for Dio and the others, they had their own means of protection, Dio with his Hamon Energy, Steve with his Vibranium Shield, and Tony with his Iron Man Armor.

But Thor wasn’t using the lightning to strike the others down, he was using the thunder as a distraction as he grabbed Loki and immediately flew away.

Dio wouldn’t have it Thor’s way, he immediately shouted “The World!” and the [The World] immediately stopped the time!

Dio immediately chased Thor and jumped, he immediately deactivated [The World]’s ability and time resumed like normal.

At the same time, Thor was shocked as he saw Dio has already moved across the space and suddenly appeared beside him with his scythe!

Thor was too surprised to react, and thus, Dio immediately swung the [Grim Reaper] and successfully penetrated Loki’s chest and crushed his heart!

“No!!!” Thor roared horrifyingly.

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