Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 253


Loki fell from Thor’s hand, lifeless!

Dio knew that there would be a possibility that Thor would resent him for this, but Dio didn’t regret killing Loki at all!

As for the Cube that Loki stole, Dio had faith that Dr. Banner would definitely find it, so there was no real need to keep Loki alive!

Seeing Thor’s distressed look, Dior silently retracted his weapon.

But the next thing that he noticed made Dio slightly unnerved, he noticed that the scepter that Loki always held wasn’t on the body anymore, meaning that either Loki had thrown it away somehow or Loki wasn’t dead yet!

“Thor, Loki isn’t …!” Dio said, but he was immediately interrupted by Mjolnir hitting him straight in the chest!

He was flung into the nearby building and smashed the wall of the building!

Thor, whose eyes were bloodshot from crying over the death of his little brother, picked up Loki’s lifeless body gently and stood up.

He felt anger that he never experienced before, as a result of this anger, the skies were filled with thunder clouds and occasional lightning.

When a normal person saw this scene, there was no doubt that they would think that the doomsday was coming!

Tony and Steve, who observed the fight from the sideline, were surprised by what happened.

They began to wonder was the god really as powerful as the myth has foretold.

But even if the myth was real, they wouldn’t back off if it meant the god threatened the lives of the people on earth!

At the same time, Thor roared and immediately charged in at Tony and Steve with Mjolnir at his hands, but unfortunately for Thor, Tony and Steve didn’t back away, in fact, Steve immediately blocked Mjolnir’s attack with his shield, resulting with another sonic soundwave!

However, Thor didn’t stop!

He kept pounding Steve’s shield with Mjolnir relentlessly, but Tony, who immediately flew, targeted Thor with every weapon that he had in his arsenal and instantly fired it at Thor as he saw Steve managed to make some distance.

Tony then grabbed Steve and flew away from Thor to plan their next attack, but Thor immediately dropped them down from the skies as he threw his Mjolnir at Tony.

Tony was put out balance and accidentally threw Steve to the ground below, but Steve immediately used his shield to cushion his fall.

Natasha, who was piloting the Quinn Jet, saw everything that happened down below, she immediately provided support and fired the machine guns that the Quinn Jet had with two missiles towards Thor, this support from Natasha successfully prevented Thor from chasing after Tony and Steve.

But as Thor threw his hammer to bring Tony down from the sky, he did it again to the Quinn Jet. Once again, he successfully hit his target, the Quinn Jet!

Natasha and the other agents inside Quinn Jet immediately opened the hatch and opened their parachute. Fortunately, there is no casualty when the Quinn Jet was shot down!

At this time, Tony and Steve immediately regrouped and thought that it was best to fight Thor in a close battle so that he couldn’t use his hammer to hurt others.

They began fighting Thor on hand to hand combat basis, but they were overpowered by Thor in no time!

After all, Thor was still Asgard’s best fighter aside from Odin!

“Where is that Dio guy? We need his help out here!” Steve said nervously.

“How do I know! Maybe he has knocked out already!” Tony said annoyedly.

Tony kept absorbing Thor’s thunder and launched an attack as his battery was constantly recharged by the thunder, while Steve still fought Thor in close combat, preventing Thor from getting away.

Meanwhile, Dio was busy searching for the real Loki as he knew that he wasn’t dead yet!

Dio didn’t get knocked out by Thor’s attack earlier, but he immediately chose not to show up as he didn’t want to let Loki escape!

But no matter how hard he searched for Loki, he couldn’t find any trace of him!

In the end, while Thor, Steve, and Tony were still in a deadlock, Dio came toward Loki’s corpse and inspected Loki’s body to see if there were any abnormalities, but he still couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

“Is it possible that I actually killed the real Loki?” Dio wondered to himself, but in the end, he still believed that the corpse was just another trick that Loki has thrown, the evidence was clear!

The scepter wouldn’t be gone if Loki was dead!

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