Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 254


If his guess was right, that meant everyone was fooled by Loki!

And there was no need for Thor to continue rampaging.

In other words, this fight was pointless!

Maybe, Loki was hiding somewhere nearby and smiling evilly while observing everyone’s fight, but it was more likely that he has already escaped!

But he realized that this wasn’t the time for him to think about Loki’s trick.

After all, whether he was right or wrong, he still had to stop Thor’s anger and the pointless fight between Thor, Steve, and Tony!

The next thing that happened was Tony being thrown to Dio’s direction after getting hit by the Mjolnir, and Dio immediately saved Tony from the impact of falling to the ground.

“What took you so long?! I thought you died after getting hit by that guy, but I understand if you didn’t want to fight that guy after you killed his brother, I would have run too!” Tony said sarcastically.

“I really want to chop your tongue to pieces! I really hate that sarcastic nature of yours!” Dio said annoyedly as he dropped Tony to the ground.

“You want to chop me up with the weapon that I made? Oh, the irony!” Tony said, still with his sarcastic remarks as he stood back up.

After that, Steve was also thrown towards Dio and Tony, seeing that Steve was already bruised up and left panting, Tony and Dio knew that he was done for today.

At the same time, Thor immediately noticed Dio standing near his brother’s corpse and his anger immediately flared up again, he knew that Dio wasn’t part of his family as he has already asked his father if there were any relatives living in Midgard, and Odin had said that there were none of their relatives living in Midgard at the moment.

So, in Thor’s eyes, Dio was just a mortal with superhuman abilities!

“Dio, why did you kill Loki?” Thor shouted angrily.

“Why? Don’t you know that your brother has killed countless humans earlier?!” Dio said casually.

But Dio’s indifferent response annoyed Thor more than before, but in fact, Dio was ticked off by the fact that Thor thought killing humans wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Loki did commit an unforgivable sin, but you shouldn’t kill him like that! Whatever the crime may be, he still had to be judged and punished accordingly first!” Thor said sadly.

No one really knew that Thor was happy to see that Loki was still alive, and no one really knew how deep his love towards his brother really was!

Thor didn’t hate Dio for killing Loki.

In fact, he hated himself for incapable of becoming a good brother to Loki and failed to beg his father to send him to Midgard faster!

Dio seemed to finally understand Thor’s true feeling, and he knew that Thor would blame himself for this and wallow in regret later!

After all, the feeling of incapability was a festering wound that was hard to heal.

Standing from the bystander’s point of view, it was easy to give an encouraging word, but in the end, none of it would work!

“Stop this senseless battle, Thor! Loki isn’t dead yet!” Dio said as he lowered his scythe.

He wanted to change the story plot, but it seems he lost his opportunity, and in the end, nothing changed!

After all, Dio knew that if Loki was still alive, Thor would never let Dio get anywhere close to him again.

“What are you talking about? How can you be so sure!” Thor said as he was bewildered by Dio’s word.

“Don’t you know Loki’s power? Did you really think that he would be killed here so easily?” Dio said matter-of-factly.

The more Dio conveyed his thought to Thor, the more Thor realized that Dio was correct!

He knew that his brother could escape such a critical situation easily.

In fact, he has seen his brother did it time and time again!

While Dio has known that Loki was so hard to kill like a cockroach!

In fact, after watching the Avengers: Infinity War, he immediately dove into a fan forum and noticed that everyone was convinced that Loki, who was killed by Thanos, was just an illusion, or at least, it wasn’t the real Loki!

“Loki is not dead?” Thor said dumbfounded.

“Probably, I noticed it after I couldn’t find the scepter that he always held before!” Dio said casually.

“But why hasn’t his clone disappeared yet?” Thor asked wonderingly.

“You should have known better about that than I did! He is your brother after all, so you should have known his abilities better than I did!” Dio said annoyedly.

“You are right! Loki is very good at hiding, so I am sorry that I have jumped to the conclusion too soon!” Thor said sincerely to Dio.

Dio held his silence annoyedly, he knew that Loki kept using this same trick to trick Thor repeatedly in the future, but Thor always seemed happy to see his brother again!

Dio couldn’t help but thought that Thor was a little bit masochistic in a way.

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  1. Kan says:

    Loki killed humans but when Dio decided to get revenge, Thor got angry and also wanted to get revenge, convinced on the fact that they did smth wrong. That literally makes no sense but it’s Thor, I guess.

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