Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 255


Thor didn’t exactly believe all that Dio had said, but he hoped Dio was right!

He really wished Loki was still alive!

But Thor quietly thought of Loki’s behavior as soon as he met him, and he knew that the scepter that Loki was holding was there as Dio pierced Loki’s chest, but it disappeared without anyone knowing, Loki was the only one there who was capable of that!

It means that Loki would appear again and create another mayhem!

Thor decided to follow Dio for now and see what Loki’s intention in Midgard was, he would help the Midgardian if Loki was plotting something evil again!

. . . . . . . . . .

“The conclusion for now is Earth is still in danger, and Loki is more likely to have escaped and continue with his plan in secret!” Steve said as he concluded what has happened so far.

“There is another issue! Dr. Heinrich Schafer was officially dead, we have a report that said Agent Barton infiltrated the iridium vault and took all of it!” Agent Hill said indifferently.

“That means Loki has everything that he needs in order to create the portal! That also means that Loki was only buying some time by distracting us long enough so that Barton can finish his job on getting the iridium!” Nick said as he looked at Dio, Steve, Tony, and Thor.

Dio and Tony were slightly annoyed of Nick’s accusing eyes, but for Nick Fury, this was the first time that he ever doubted the creation of this team, without coordination and a leader, everyone just did whatever they saw fit!

If this continues, Nick knew that they would never be able to save anything!

“Thor, I need your answer to this! What is your purpose for coming back to Earth this time?!” Nick said coldly.

“I am here to retrieve Loki and the Cube and return to Asgard where Loki would be judged and punished while the Cube would be kept in tight security!” Thor said confidently.

Hearing Thor’s answer, Nick was slightly relieved, at least the Asgardians and the Avengers had the same goal in mind.

But still, Thor’s end goal was a bit of a problem, as he would take both Loki and the Cube back to Asgard.

After all, he has already intended for Loki to be one of his inmates inside the Raft, while he also wanted to continue the SHIELD’s research on the Cube!

But still, Nick wasn’t a fool, the most important thing at the moment was to defend the Earth!

“Okay, I would let you take Loki and The Cube back to Asgard as long as you help us defend the Earth for whatever comes out from Loki’s portal!” Nick said confidently.

Nick’s decision didn’t receive a positive response from the other Avengers, Tony looked at Nick with mocking smile while Steve’s frowns deepened as he heard Nick’s word.

All of them looked at Dio simultaneously, as they know that Dio would do something to the extreme if he disliked something, but neither Dio seemed to care, nor did he say anything, he still closed his eyes as he was resting.

Steve didn’t know Dio on a personal level, but from the information that he read and the fight earlier, he had to admit that Dio was a wild card!

He openly said that he would kill and seriously hold on to his words and do it!

Steve knew that he and Dio would have a tough time getting along in the future!

After the meeting ended, Dio was left alone with Nick Fury.

“I heard the report of the fight earlier from Natasha, she said that Loki was already arrested when you stubbornly tried to kill him, why did you do that? Even when Thor, Tony, and Steve were there blocking your path!” Nick asked curiously.

“Now, Director Fury, did you think Loki deserved to die?” Dio asked a question instead of answering Nick’s question.

“Of course! He has already killed more than 200 people in just two days! That is truly inhuman!” Nick said without hesitation!

“Then, would you kill him if he ever gets caught?” Dio asked another question.

“I will not do that!” Nick said with a sullen look on his face.

“Why? Is it because he was an Asgardian?” Dio asked.

“I know where your question would go, but from my standpoint, the safety of the Earth comes as a priority! With that in mind, Loki couldn’t die, at least not at the hand of Earthlings! I couldn’t let the Loki’s death became the reason for Asgard to attack Earth! So, please, for god sake, put away your dangerous thought!” Nick said solemnly.

Nick’s answer was under Dio’s expectation, he knew that Nick’s answer revolved around the safety of the Earth, but in the end, Asgard would fall, and nothing would matter, but still Dio couldn’t say that.

“Now, after saying all that stuff, my answer to your question wouldn’t matter anymore, isn’t that so Director Fury?” Dio said casually.

“Have you ever heard of the saying that a weak country has no voice? A lion doesn’t care about the demands of an ant? We used to think that Human was the master of the universe, but as our eyes were opened to the lives outside our planet, now we know that the Earth was just one weak trivial existence! We used to think that we are the lion, but as of now, we know that we are the ant! But at the same time, I believe that the Earth won’t always be this weak! I believe that the Earth would grow if we have the opportunities, so when the times comes, there would be no creature out there who dared to initiate an attack on us!” Nick said confidently.

“That is my take on the current situation, it may be too ideal for some people, but I really believe we could achieve all of that!” Nick said solemnly.

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