Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 256


The SHIELD agent resumed on Facial Recognition around the world to find Loki and his group.

In the meantime, Loki appeared after Barton and Dr. Selvig, holding the Mind Stone Sceptre in his hands.

“How is the portal’s progress doing?” Loki asked coldly.

“Wow, you are still alive? I mean, Agent Barton saw you got killed by the mortal out there! I wonder how that guy could appear next to you instantaneously like that.” Dr. Selvig said curiously.

At the same time, Barton immediately aimed his bow at Loki, suspecting that this Loki was a fake.

“Oh, stand down Barton! The one that was killed was just my illusion!” Loki said to Barton annoyedly.

Loki raised his scepter, and an electric shock suddenly shocked Barton and Dr. Selvig.

“Did you believe me now?” Loki said coldly.

“Of course, master!” Dr. Selvig said obediently.

The shock just now was the magic that Loki used that has been amplified by the Mind Stone Sceptre. He wasn’t controlling the mind of Barton or even Dr. Selvig’s, but instead, Loki locked their mind and created another personality for them both, but the new personality had every memory that the locked one had, but Loki also slipped in some fake memory in there!

“Good, now tell me your current progress? Is it done yet?” Loki asked about the portal again.

“I believe we have all the raw materials we need. All we need to solve now is about the energy issue, in order to open the portal, we need to have a huge supply of energy!” Dr. Selvig said indifferently.

“Doctor, I believe you already have the target in mind, right?” Loki said casually.

“Of course, but I believe we have to create another distraction, for the place that I have targeted for the energy was too close to the enemy right now!” Dr. Selvig said confidently.

But Loki couldn’t help but felt a little annoyed that they needed another distraction.

Remembering his fight with the madman with the scythe again was enough to send him into PTSD!

He exhausted all his escape options just to escape the madman; at first, he wanted to be captured foolishly and delved into the enemy’s base and destroyed the base from the inside.

But thanks to the madman, he couldn’t do that!

His life was in danger as the madman tried to kill him on the spot!

“I couldn’t show up in front of them again, at least not this fast! Agent Barton, how about you? after all, you are the one who knows about the enemy the most!” Loki said to Barton.

“Sure, I don’t mind!” Barton said as he smirked and his eyes were full of killing intent.

 . . . . . . . . . . 

“Dr. Banner, how is it going?” Nick Fury asked as he walked inside Banner’s lab.

“The search program has been completed, now I am still scanning through the radar, and it is already at 40%, I believe we could find it soon!” Dr. Banner said confidently.

At the same moment, Dio kept pestering Tony.

“Tony! Are you sure that they aren’t in the Stark Building?” Dio asked repeatedly.

“For the third god damn time, they are not! I’ve already called the satellite surveillance for the building, and if the Cube appeared there, I would be the first one to know!” Tony said annoyedly.

Dio was slightly confused, he knew that the movie plot would let the enemy to Stark Building in order to use the clean energy that Tony supplied throughout the building, but if they weren’t there at this moment, where would they be? Was it because of his meddling with Loki earlier, making the trickster god refrained from using the Stark Building?

Dio immediately tried to check Loki’s location with the [Hermit Purple], but he was blocked by a more powerful force!

Dio immediately realized that the [Hermit Purple]’s ability was nullified by the Mind Stone’s ability!

It was not that [Hermit Purple] was weak but, more like the Infinity stone was far too overpowered!

At the same time, Tony, who has been reading SHIELD’s secret document the entire time, told everyone to hold up for a second.

“Director Fury, would you kindly explain what does this ‘Phase 2’ mean?” Tony said to Nick Fury sarcastically.

“Probably a weapon.” Dio said subconsciously, he immediately realized that he wasn’t the one being asked and then shrugged his shoulder casually.

As Nick Fury was about to speak, Tony interrupted once again as he let everyone knew that the document that he was holding was none other than ‘Weaponizing the Cube’.

This time, Dr. Banner stood up and looked at Nick Fury coldly.

“I want to know what is this all about?” Dr. Banner asked coldly.

“This is all because of him!” Fury said while pointing his finger to Thor, he immediately sighed and started to explain the document.

“A few months ago, Aliens came to Earth and started a fight, one of them successfully razed a small town to the ground! That was also the time that the government around the world realized that Human wasn’t alone in this universe. Furthermore, the International Security Council also knew that the army and some of the Earth trusted ‘Superheroes’ couldn’t do anything about the Tin Alien!” Nick said annoyedly.

“Excuse me, am I not the one that grounded the ‘Tin Alien’ that you speak of?” Dio said annoyedly.

“But you were almost done for, didn’t you?” Nick said annoyedly.

“Yeah, but I still subdued it at the end!” Dio said, holding his ground.

“Wait a minute. You guys are talking about the Destroyer, aren’t you? I remember that I was the one that defeated it!” Thor said, trying to brag.

“Obviously not hard enough! As soon as you leave to Asgard, the Destroyer rose once again, and I make sure that it would never rise again, permanently!” Dio said annoyedly.

“That was a shame! I should knock it out even harder than!” Thor said challengingly.

“Hey, this is not the time to be fighting! We are off the topic here!” Steve said as he stood between Thor and Dio.

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