Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 257


Suddenly, the aircraft was hit hard from the side! Everyone was shaken and thrown around, then the alarm blasted off inside the ship, signalling the enemy was attacking.

“There was an explosion in engine 3, we are being attacked!” Agent Hill said as she rushed towards the room where the Avenger gathered.

“Gentlemen, the enemy has come to our door! Prepare to fight!” Nick Fury said as he immediately rushed towards the cockpit, where he would resume his position as commanding officer to ease the chaos.

Tony immediately suited up and Steve quickly took his shield, while the others made their own preparations. But, Dio was unfazed! he expected this attack from the start, but he was a little confused as Loki wasn’t here this time! Dio walked out of the room and immediately bumped into Coulson, Coulson looked at Dio for a moment and immediately ran off again to fight against the enemy.

Dio immediately arrived at Dr. Banner’s room and Natasha was already there, trying to calm the nervous Banner.

“Dio, do something!” Natasha shouted as she was frantically trying to calm Banner.

Dio thought over the top priority now, he knew that Steve and Tony were on the mission to fix the engine and all other SHIELD’s agents were fighting against Barton and several other enemies.

So, the next thing he had to do was get the Hulk out of the ship!

“I am sorry Dr. Banner, but you are not safe staying on this ship!” Dio said politely and immediately grabbed Banner and took him to the special chamber where a glass container with the open space below it. Dio then put Dr. Banner inside the glass container and locked the door.

“What is this? where did you take me?” Banner said as he getting more anxious. But suddenly, he transformed into the hulk with a roaring sound.

Dio was a little bit startled on the transformation as the Hulk really was scary after seeing it up close, the Hulk then smashed the windows and the Glass container immediately fell to the open space below, this Glass Container was designed to contain the Hulk in particular! But before Dio could sigh in relief, he saw a huge green palm hanging on the edge of the Heli carrier, he looked out below and saw the Hulk’s angry face staring at him!

“Oh, shit! This is the worst outcome possible!” Dio said as he thought on how to fight against the Hulk.

     . . . . . . .   

Meanwhile, Natasha and Thor stood together against the enemy, but they both quickly beat the opponent in a short amount of time! After all, they both had an amazing combat skill! But suddenly, an energy beam shot through the air right towards Thor, fortunately, Thor was able to defend against the attack. However, Thor realized that the attack was coming from Loki’s sceptre.

“Loki! Is that you?” Thor shouted.

“I am sorry to burst your bubble, but it was me!” Barton said as he shot another energy beam from the sceptre.

“Where is Loki? Why is his sceptre with you?” Thor asked coldly.

“Loki? Isn’t he already dead? You even take his body back with you! The sceptre is different! It was my real master!” Barton said amusedly.

“Impossible! Come out, Loki! don’t be a coward!” Thor shouted to the air, taunting Loki.

Thor then threw the hammer toward Barton but he missed, Barton knew that he wasn’t Thor’s opponent, so he left Thor alone instead of fighting him head on. Thor tried to catch him but the enemy agent quickly opened fire, distracting him enough, to give Barton time to escape.

    . . . . . . . . . .

Barton’s memory of when he was a SHIELD agent was still there, he knew how the Helicarier works, and so he immediately went toward the upper deck, where the control room would be. This also meant that Nick Fury and the other high ranked agent would also be there! But as soon as he was about to destroy the wall towards the control room, a familiar voice immediately interrupted him.

“Drop that weapon, Barton! You should know what I am holding right now!” Coulson said coldly. He was holding a high-tech weapon that was made by using the Destroyer as the model, this weapon could shoot out the disintegration beam, same as the Destroyer, but a slightly weaker one!

“Coulson, just give it up! I know you wouldn’t shoot me!” Barton said confidently.

“Think again!” Coulson said as he shot the ceiling right above Barton’s head. Suddenly, Natasha dropped from the ceiling that Coulson shoot and immediately kicked Barton down and restrained him! Barton was right, Coulson was too kind to ever shoot a comrade in arms, but he surely could find another way to subdue the person!

But clearly, Natasha and Coulson underestimated Barton’s skill, he immediately dislocated his arm and reached toward Natasha’s widow maker and shocked her with it! Natasha who was weakened, thanks to her own weapon couldn’t help but let Barton go. Coulson immediately threw his weapons down and reached for a gun in his back, he couldn’t use the previous weapon as it would kill Barton immediately, but at least Barton could be saved if he was shot with a standard gun!

But Coulson wasted too much time! Because of his hesitation, Barton that was free from Natasha’s restraint immediately reached for a gun in Natasha’s waist and shot Coulson!

Coulson was shot around his abdomen! Blood splattered and Coulson himself was vomiting blood! Loki’s sceptre was there near Coulson, Barton didn’t have the time to recover it again this time!

“Coulson, no! Medic! Help! Someone, help!” Natasha shouted as she tried to give pressure to Coulson’s wound.

“No, Natasha, I am done for! Please bring Barton back for me, but promise me, don’t let him know the truth about my death!” Coulson said weakly.

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