Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 258


Dio was still busy with the Hulk, but he was completely on the defensive as he couldn’t kill the Hulk or deal any damage that he didn’t regenerate instantly. Dio was quickly thrown to a wall and into the next room by the raging Hulk!

“You have done it now!” Dio said annoyedly. He walked toward the Hulk menacingly while the temperature around him was quickly dropping! “I will let you taste my new stand!” Dio said as his body was covered by a light-coloured exoskeleton. This is the power of [White Album]!

Stand Name: White Album

Description: An ice stand that excelled in defence!

Type: Close Range Stand

Ability: Gently Weeps

Ability description: immediately decrease the temperature in the surrounding area to absolute zero (-215 C)!


Destructive power: A

Speed: C

Range: C

Sustainability: A

Precision: E

Growth: E

Evaluation: There is nothing that this stand couldn’t freeze!

    . . . . . . .

This was the first time Dio would officially used the [White Album] since he got it earlier, he never expected to use it to an enraged ally! The Hulk, who didn’t know what was happening, roared and became angrier as he felt chilled to the bone.

The Hulk quickly rushed towards Dio, ready to smash him like before!

“I have no time to face you, Banner! I hope that you can calm down as soon as you are cool! White Album, Gently weeps!” Dio said coolly.

In an instant the surrounding area within 10 meters around Dio was covered by a hardened ice! The Hulk whom was charging towards Dio immediately fell victim to this ability too! He was instantly slowed down and the Hulk’s body was immediately frozen, turning him into an ice sculpture! Dio knew that the Hulk wouldn’t last on this state for long, but it would be enough to calm him down, at least Dio hoped so!

But as a precaution, Dio immediately created a hole in the wall and threw the Hulk outside! Dio immediately created an ice wall to close the big hole again.

“Now, it is time to end this mess!” Dio said annoyedly. He de-summoned [White Album] and summoned the [Hanged Man] to kill the enemies quickly!

    . . . . . . .

After quite a while, the battle was over, the invader was finally put down, but the price was too big! With Agent Coulson’s death, everyone on the ship was silent as they felt responsible for the smiling agent’s death! Everyone felt bad and the meeting that Nick Fury held after was gloomy.

After the meeting, Nick held Steve on the room to talk with him personally.

“Steve, this card was found inside Coulson’s jacket, it seems he didn’t have the time to ask for your autograph.” Nick said as he threw the card toward Steve. “I was the one with the idea to gather the earth’s mighty individual to form a team called the Avenger, that would save the earth against an unknown threat. Phil Coulson believes in that idea, and he keeps on believing until he died! He believes in superheroes! he believes in you!” Nick said as he confided Steve to become the leader of the Avenger.

Meanwhile in the other room inside the ship….

“Thank you, Dio! If it weren’t for you to give me that snail, I would have really died!” Coulson said as he thanked Dio for saving his life.

“Just remember that this was the second time that you have killed my pet!” Dio said casually.

“Don’t worry about that, SHIELD would compensate for your lost!” Natasha said annoyedly. “You never said to me that the snail would be able to bring people back from death!” She said as she frowned at Dio.

“Well, you didn’t ask and I also forgot to mention it! Also, it didn’t bring people back from death, I can’t revive people you know!” Dio said casually.

“So, start talking then, it may save lives in the future if people knew what the ability of the snail would be, it may be me next time!” Natasha said, still frowning at Dio. Coulson was beside her when he was about to die, but as Coulson was bleeding to death, a small snail that was the same as the one that Dio gave to her, crawled out of Coulson’s pocket, and suddenly glowed with a golden light! Suddenly after the light dimmed out, Coulson’s wound was healing and like a miracle, Coulson was saved from dying!

However, after she reported everything back to Nick Fury, Nick immediately told her to not tell the Avenger about Coulson’s revival, he thought that Coulson’s death would be a factor that could unite those superheroes! However, Nick Fury couldn’t hide this fact from Dio, as it was thanks to his snail that Coulson survived!

“In the first place, I don’t want to tell anyone about anything regarding the snail! You know that once the snail saved someone from the verge of dying, the snail would lose its life! not only that, but the snail isn’t a miracle worker, if the person that it saved wasn’t treated immediately, they could still die, the snail could only extend someone’s life for just quite some time!” Dio said annoyedly.

After Dio explained the Snail’s ability, Natasha was silent as she finally understood the worth of the snail! It was equivalent to having one more life! Previously, Natasha wanted to ask Dio to distribute the snail to the rest of the Avengers, but now she didn’t know how to ask that kind of demand!

At the same time, Thor was anxiously walking back and forth in front of Barton’s room. He wanted to know the truth about Loki’s well-being after Barton woke up! He believed Dio’s word before, but after seeing that Barton came attacking with Loki’s sceptre, Thor had a bad omen.

Once he saw that Barton woke up, Thor immediately pushed the guards aside and walked in to question Barton personally!

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