Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 259


“I’ve found it! Dr. Selvig showed up at Stark Tower with the Cube!” Tony said excitedly, drawing everyone’s attention towards him.

“Okay, we have to go there immediately!” Steve said commandingly.

“Sure, I’ll tag along!” Thor said confidently. He walked in with Barton as Tony announced that he found the Cube. Obviously, Barton has already recovered from Loki’s mind control Thor has already gotten the answer he needed!

“Are you okay, Barton?” Natasha asked worriedly.

“Yeah, my arm’s already healed, although it still hurts, it will be okay! I will avenge the agents’ death, of course Coulson’s too!” Barton said with determination.

“Barton, Coulson told me in his dying breath that he wanted us to bring you back! The one who killed Coulson was Loki, you are in his control, none of that is your fault!” Natasha said worriedly.

“Now, in order to avoid any worst outcome, I will temporarily lend you this thing! But remember, I only lend it to you!” Dio said as he gave the snail one by one to Tony, Thor, Barton, and Steve to ease the atmosphere a little bit.

    . . . . . . . . . .

The Avenger was in a Quinn Jet over New York skies heading towards Stark Building, while there was no talking heard, everyone was actually using the snail to communicate.

“This is amazing! Why did you never tell me about this fun thing?” Tony said sarcastically.

“Is this thing reading my mind or what? Is this telepathy?” Steve asked curiously.

“It seems like one.” Barton said indifferently.

“What is this creature? Why have I never seen it in Asgard’s nine realm biology before?” Thor asked curiously.

“Maybe you skipped class too much!” Natasha said teasingly.

“For starter, the universe is so vast! There are so many creature that maybe Asgard would not know about, so please stop fussing about the snail and focus at the task at hand!” Dio said annoyedly.

“Well, that is true! I have seen a lot of strange races out there, for example the Citaury that Loki commanded was a biomechanical race! If the Earth has the technology to travel the space, I believe you will also see a lot of new races that you haven’t seen before!” Thor said, annoying Dio even more.

. . . . . . . . 

On the rooftop of Stark Building, Dr. Selvig was busy installing the teleportation device, but when he was about to activate the portal, the energy that he got from hijacking the Stark Tower was cut off!

“Dr. Selvig, I have shut down the Ark Reactor that provided the energy for this entire building. You have failed doctor, hand over the Cube and surrender now!” Tony said while Thor was beside him.

“You are right! I have lost, take it away!” Dr. Selvig said as he threw the Cube to Thor. Tony sensed something was wrong as there was no way Dr. Selvig would surrender this easily! At the same time, Thor received the Cube and once he spun it around in his hands, the Cube ticked!

Tony and Thor instantly knew that what Dr. Selvig has just thrown towards them wasn’t the real Cube, it was an energy bomb! Thor immediately threw the bomb high into the air with all his strength, and suddenly an energy explosion was catching New Yorker’s attention!

Thor and Tony were directly blown away as the result of the explosion while Dr. Selvig has died on the spot! Dio and the others who couldn’t fly and still inside the Quinn Jet didn’t know what happened but, fortunately they could stabilize the fighter jet and didn’t crash!

“Tony, Thor! Are you guys okay?” Natasha asked worriedly through the snail.

“I am still alive, the god too, unfortunately!” Tony said sarcastically.

“What happened? What is that explosion?” Natasha asked again.

“That was an energy bomb that Dr. Selvig has prepared! He was trying to lure us, but he didn’t have the Cube with him! we were deceived!” Tony said annoyedly.

Dio was clearly annoyed too, Loki has proven himself that he was more cunning than Dio was! He kept escaping Dio’s clutch again and again!

At the same moment, a blue beam was shot through the sky several kilometers away from the Stark building.

“That direction was SHIELD’s New York base!” Natasha said worriedly. This time Dio realised that Loki has given up on using the Stark Tower as the teleportation base, instead he used SHIELD’s base that was unguarded!

“I will contact the Headquarters and ask them to turn off the energy supply for the entire base!” Natasha said nervously.

“It’s too late! Once the Cube is activated it will sustain itself!” Tony said solemnly.

“Then what should we do?” Natasha asked worriedly.

“Since the worst has happened, there is nothing else that we could do except fighting!” Dio said solemnly as he pulled out his scythe from the box that he held.

“Dio is right! There is nothing else that we can do except fight them head on!” Steve said courageously.

“Then, we shouldn’t waste any more time! Captain, assign our role!” Tony said as he stood up and suit up once again.

For the first time in this world, the Avenger has united in one voice, finally the team that Nick Fury envisioned has been created!

“We have to go to the battlefield first! I will tell you what to do once I saw the situation over there!” Steve said commandingly.

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