Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 260


In the SHIELD’s New York base, Loki was seen guarding the strange shaped machine at the top of the building with the SHIELD’s agent corpses all around him! Loki has already known all SHIELD’s secrets from Barton, including the Avenger project that Nick Fury has made. After all, Barton was a high-level Agent!

Because of that, Loki has succeeded drawing the Avenger’s attention and opening the portal in a place that the Avenger least expected! Now that the Chitauri Army was successfully summoned, no one could interrupt his plan anymore, not even the Avenger would be able to deal with this many enemies at once! At least that was what he thought!

“Loki, turn that thing off! Otherwise I would be forced to beat you down!” Thor said as he flew towards Loki.

“Look at you, my stupid brother! there is no stopping this device anymore! Not you, not even me! The war has begun!” Loki said proudly.

Thor looked at Loki with disappointment in his eyes, he knew that there was nothing else he could do to stop Loki beside beating him down!

    . . . . . . . .

“Sir, there is a lot of heat signals coming from the portal!” Jarvis said indifferently to Tony.

“I can see that! Jarvis, lock on to all of them for me!” Tony said as he began to fly towards the enemy and started shooting them down, meanwhile, Steve, Barton, Natasha and Dio got off the Quinn Jet and started fighting against the enemy on their own capabilities.

Dio was holding the Scythe that was trembling on his hand, Dio knew that the scythe wasn’t trembling in fear, but trembling in excitement instead. After all, [Anubis] was the god of death and therefore, it would always get excited while confronted by the opponent that he could kill! But, Dio was too deep on his own thought that he failed to realise that he was already surrounded by the Chitauri army.

“Dio, get away! You are surrounded!” Natasha said as she saw Dio in the rooftop.

“No, this is perfect!” Dio said through the mind link from the snail and smirked as that saved him the trouble from chasing the enemy!

Dio immediately channeled his Hamon Energy inside the scythe and that made the Scythe glowed in bright red colour.

“Die!” Dio shouted as he spun the scythe around. Countless red energy waves cut through the air, cutting the Chitauri army like tofu! Alien’s corpses along with their destroyed tech covered Dio’s surrounding!

This scene shocked Natasha and the other, they thought that they should assist Dio because he was the most compromised position among the other Avengers, but after seeing Dio in action, they immediately put that thought away! After all, Dio was killing the enemy like a butcher killing chicken!

    . . . . . . . . .

As Dio kept mincing the enemy soldiers that came towards him, the portal fizzed and a new kind of enemy appeared! A huge leviathan creature swam through the air, releasing a new soldier from its side and bombing the place beneath it! furthermore, the Leviathan was covered with a dense armour, even Iron Man’s missile didn’t work against it!

“Did you see that thing? How can we destroy it?” Steve said as he spoke through the mind link.

“I definitely saw it! but none of my weapon works against it!” Tony said as he stopped shooting the Leviathan.

“Did anybody see Banner yet?” Tony asked casually.

At the same time, Banner showed up while driving a golf cart with a safety helmet on. This scene could be funny on its own, but because of the situation they were currently in, they couldn’t laugh at Banner.

“Am I late?” Banner asked shyly.

“a little bit, but you are not too late for the main course just yet!” Steve said as he pointed his finger towards the Leviathan.

“Okay, but please tell me if you want to throw me from a thousand meter down! So that I can mentally prepare myself!” Banner said casually.

“Well, you should talk to the one whom throw you from the helicarrier yourself! He is over there!” Barton pointed to the rooftop. Banner looked up and it was already horrifying! The place that Dio stood on was full of Chitaury soldier’s dead body!

“Uhm, maybe someone else could talk to him beside me?” Banner said nervously.

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