Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 261


Seeing that no one volunteered, Banner felt awkward, “He looks so terrifying right now!” Banner said meekly.

“I have seen more terrifying things!” Natasha said casually.

“It’s okay to be scared, but now we need something scarier! Banner, it is time to be angry!” Steve said to Banner commandingly.

“Captain, that is my secret! I am always angry!” Banner said as he started to turn green and roared loudly. The Hulk started to jump towards the enemy on the wall of the building and smashed them with each other, but as soon as the Leviathan was on his sight, Hulk roared once again and jumped to the Leviathan’s back and started pounding it down!

Tony who was observing the Leviathan for quite a while immediately fired a missile as he saw that The Hulk has made an opening on the Leviathan’s armour. The Leviathan was immediately blown into bits as Tony’s missile successfully blew it apart!

This was the kind of teamwork that Nick Fury has envisioned while creating the team, but everyone’s happiness was short-lived as they saw that several Leviathans came out of the portal, followed by a large amount of enemy flying with their glider.

“You have to find a way to close that portal, otherwise this battle would never end! We wouldn’t be able to hold them down if that happens!” Steve said as he stated his opinion

“The portal was protected by some form of energy barrier! I couldn’t get through to destroy it!” Thor said as he arrived after battling Loki for quite a while.

“Why are you only telling bad news?” Tony said to Thor sarcastically.

“I think Loki’s sceptre would be able to penetrate the barrier and destroy the portal! Otherwise, he wouldn’t keep holding onto that thing that tightly!” Dio said as he suggested the way to destroy the portal, he knew that the sceptre would be able to destroy the portal as the Mind Gem wouldn’t be affected by the Space Gem inside the Cube!

“You should’ve told me that sooner!” Natasha said as she was currently holding the sceptre in her hands.

“You guys go handle the portal! I will hold the enemy by myself!” Dio said confidently.

“You will not deal with them alone, Dio! I will be right here helping you! This is not the time to act heroic!” Thor said to Dio confidently.

“Yeah, we feel the same way!” Tony, Steve, and Barton said simultaneously.

“Alright, you win! Captain, take command!” Dio said casually. Dio felt a little bit complicated, as he was already used to deal with the enemy alone, but now he got people on his back to support him!

“Alright, before destroying the Portal, we have to hold the line! Barton, you occupy a high place, you will become our eyes as to know the enemy’s position and observe the tide of the battle! Stark, you must be our perimeter line, make sure that no enemy left within three miles radius from the portal! Thor, call your thunder, we need it to cull the new enemy coming out of the portal while Dio was guarding the battle front! Natasha, you, and I will make sure the portal was destroyed! And Hulk, smash!” Steve said confidently to everyone.

After hearing the word, he likes the most, the Hulk immediately jumped to the nearby enemy and started smashing them down!

    . . . . . . . . .

“I almost thought that a biomechanical creature like you doesn’t feel any fear! But surely I have made a mistake!” Dio said as he noticed that the Chitauri was running away from his position. He has already killed numerous amounts of enemy that he already lost count!

“Well, since you don’t want to attack me again, I will chase you!” Dio said as he slammed the [Reaper’s Gaze] to the ground and took out two temporary stand cards that he had.

“Go my evil squadron! Tear the enemy apart!” Dio said as he activated two one-time use [Bad Company] Cards!

The Bad Company was a stand that produced a huge amount of Hamon Energy soldiers that also used Tanks, Helicopter, and artilleries! With their abilities, Fire at once activated, the Chitauri wouldn’t be able to react!

But this was only the beginning!

Dio also pulled out a silver card and quickly charged it with his Hamon Energy!

“Come forth, my loyal white knight! Protect those two from the enemy while they are doing their mission!” Dio said as he activated the [Silver Chariot] Stand from its one-time use card!

The [Silver Chariot] quickly followed Natasha and Steve while clearing their path so that no enemy would be able to harm them!

Unfortunately for the enemy, they couldn’t see the Stand! So, all of them were confused as they didn’t see anything until it was too late!

Now, the only things that left was the source! Dio looked up into the portal in the sky and noticed that Thor was currently summoning his thunder and lightning to kill the enemy that entered the earth through the portal! But Dio knew that Thor wouldn’t be able to keep summoning his thunder for a long time, after a while, Thor who was a god would feel exhausted too!

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