Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 262


At the same time, Dio pulled his last one-time use card, it was a stand that he felt reluctant to use the most, not because it was a one-time use card, but more to the fact that if this stand was out of control, the entire New York would be dead!

It was the [Green Day] card! Dio activated the card and a green slug with a human body appeared. Dio then called Thor. “Thor, do me a favour and throw this thing to the edge of the portal!” Dio said as he talked to Thor.

“What is this thing?” Thor asked as he felt a little bit curious after seeing the {Green Day] from up close! Dio wasn’t surprised that Thor could see the [Green Day] Stand, because Dio knew that a one-time use Stand had more Hamon energy in them and therefore, being with heightened mental awareness could see the Stand!

“This is one of my abilities, no time to explain now! I need you to throw this thing to the edge of the portal, just don’t throw it inside the portal!” Dio said as he explained the clause to Thor.

After seeing that Dio was serious, Thor immediately grabbed the [Green Day] and flew as high as possible! Thor gritted his teeth as the further up he flew, the denser the enemy was! “Is this height good enough?” Thor asked to Dio through the mind link.

“Yes, that is close enough! Thor, heeds my words! Once I activate the abilities of that thing that you are holding, you can’t descend! Stay in your position or fly around horizontally, but never go down even if it’s just a little!” Dio said solemnly.

“Okay, just be quick! I couldn’t hold on any longer, the enemy was too much around here!” Thor said nervously.

“Relax, they would soon turn to piles of useless scrap!” Dio said casually. “[Green Day]! Activate!” Dio shouted and at once a green smoke came out of [Green Day]’s head infecting everything near him with the mould infestation! Of course, because Thor was basically holding on to the [Green Day] he was the first one to be infected but fortunately, he recalled Dio warning him about not to go down and so, even after he felt something was wrong, he didn’t go down at all.

Thor quickly realised why Dio said that he couldn’t go down at all! A Chitauri soldier flew towards Thor and started shooting, but Thor dodged left and right, the Chitauri soldier started to go down Thor, but once the soldier going down, mould started to cover their body! Just between a second or two, the soldier was dead, leaving only the mechanical parts of its body behind!

Thor immediately understood that once he started to go down, he would be dead, consumed by the mould like the Chitauri soldier earlier! He immediately felt excited as he knew that the thing on his hands was releasing some kind of gasses that was extremely lethal! Thor began to move around in the air so that the gasses spread more, sure enough, Thor causes hundreds of Chitauri to fall to their death, becoming the nutrition to the mould!

But once a Leviathan started to go down, it was also quickly eaten by the mould! Leaving only its mechanical part and nothing more! The mould from the Leviathan began to spread and the air zone beneath the Portal immediately became a dead zone! As anything that passed through the portal and started to descend towards earth quickly fell and turned into scrap metal!

Thor now felt the overwhelming power of [Green Day], that thing’s power was a weapon of mass murder! He no longer wondered why Dio didn’t release this power from the beginning, as it could affect a huge space and create a dead zone!

If he wasn’t cautious, the whole city would fall under this thing’s power! Now, Thor felt nervous as he worried that Dio couldn’t stop this thing’s power. If that was the case, then this place would become a lot worse than the alien’s invasion! Furthermore, he didn’t want to die either!

“Dio, tell me! Are you sure you can control this thing’s ability? I feel like a cornered rat right now! if this thing couldn’t be contained, me and the whole world would be dead!” Thor asked worriedly to Dio through the mind link. Dio immediately notices that Thor feared [Green Day]’s ability!

“Don’t worry, I will try best to not cause a disaster!” Dio said casually while giggling to himself as he didn’t even bother to reassure Thor at all!

Thor began to nervously fly around again, but this time, it was clear that Thor was scared! There was no more excitement on Thor’s movement, but more like a person who was concentrating and focused to only one task!

In Thor’s mind, he knew that he would probably be much better if he stuck to use his thunder to fry the enemy! It was so much better and relaxed compared to holding onto this weapon of mass destruction!

Compared to Thor who was nervously flying around with the [Green Day] in its end, Dio was completely satisfied and relaxed! From the looks of things, the [Green Day] was far more powerful than he firstly expected! The Chitaurian was a semi mechanical race, and so [Green Day]’s effect was quickly destroying their organic stuff!

Dio also didn’t feel any worry that [Green Day] would go out of control as it will only be summoned for 30 minutes, after that, the [Green Day] would disappear along with its entire mould!

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