Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 263


When Thor and Dio succesfully culled the amount of enemy that came out of the portal, Tony and the other could have more room to breathe as the pressure on stopping the enemy was reduced. Dio and Thor’s conversation was heard by the others and therefore, everyone knew that they shouldn’t get close to Thor and that the one who has done everything was none other than Dio!

But, Thor, Steve, Natasha, and The Hulk could see the little toy soldier and the Silver Knight on the battlefield, dealing with the enemy too. Everyone began to wonder, what was the bottom of Dio’s power?

“isn’t Dio’s power called Hamon Energy? So, what is that little Toy Soldier and the Silver Knight really is?” Natasha asked in wonder.

“The Silver Knight has made our job so much easier, but we should do our job better because of it!” Steve said as he became more determined to clear his objective. Previously, Steve was injured by a bomb that the alien has thrown towards him while saving the civilian that was trapped on the crumbling building, but he didn’t seem to mind his injuries at all!

“Oh, I am sorry, did I interrupt something? But first, can you return my belongings, lady?” Loki said as he suddenly appeared before Steve and Natasha. Steve immediately prepared himself for battle but he wasn’t fast enough! The [Silver Chariot] immediately rushed forward and immediately stabbed Loki with his sword!

Silver Chariot was undoubtedly one of the fastest Stand, but as its sword passed through Loki, it showed a little bit of surprised look under its iron helmet! At the same time, Steve shouted ‘Look out!’ as he pushed Natasha aside. Loki appeared behind Natasha, luckily Steve managed to save Natasha as Loki was about to stab her!

Natasha realized the situation and immediately rushed towards Loki to stab him with the sceptre, but she failed! She stabbed another Loki’s afterimage and the real Loki has once again hidden himself somewhere near.

Suddenly, more than 20 of Loki’s afterimages appeared, telling Natasha and Steve to give up the mission and give him back the sceptre! Steve and Natasha tried to attack Loki’s afterimages, but all their attacks passed through! They looked around to see which one the real Loki was but, it seemed that the real Loki was waiting for them to do just that! He immediately appeared behind Steve and immediately took Steve’s shield and threw it inside a nearby building!

“Now I change my mind! I will kill both of you and take back my sceptre!” Loki said as he smirked confidently, he became confident as the threat was reduced by half! Loki immediately blended in with his afterimages once again, continuing the goose chase with Steve and Natasha.

But Steve and Natasha were interrupted by the sound of metal being dropped behind them, they immediately looked at the source of that weird sound and saw that the Silver Knight from before was stripping off its armour! After [Silver Chariot] had stripped off all his armour, it created the same amount of afterimage as Loki!

[Silver Chariot]’s afterimage was different from Loki’s afterimage! While Loki’s was created by magic, and therefore solely created to deceive the enemy, [Silver Chariot]’s after image was simply made by his absurd speed, making every afterimage as real as it ever could be!

[Silver Chariot] immediately stabbed every single one of Loki’s after image at the same time, Loki’s after image immediately disappeared while the real Loki was stabbed by the [Silver Chariot]! Loki let out a muffled noise as he didn’t expect this weird thing to have such ability!

Adding to his misfortune, Hulk immediately jumped from the top of the building and immediately grabbed Loki!

“I am fed up of you mortals! I am a god! Unhand me right now, you pathetic creature!” Loki said commandingly. He was fed up of losing every scheme that he had planned beforehand!

But before he could speak another word, Hulk slammed him to the ground repeatedly in his fit of rage! It was violent as Loki was slammed against the wall repeatedly like a ragdoll!

“Huh, puny god!” Hulk said as he was done with Loki. Steve and Natasha look at the scene that played in front of their eyes in amazement, they never thought that it would end like this for Loki!

“That was a little bit cruel, but I don’t want to complain!” Natasha said as she applauded Hulk from where she was standing.

“Remind me to never make Banner angry, I don’t want to be thrown around like a piece of dirty rag!” Steve said as he took back his shield from inside the building that Loki threw it to earlier.

Loki wasn’t dead, but he surely felt Hulk’s attack just now, stunning him on the little crater that Hulk has made for him.

This moment would be remembered forever by Loki and caused him PTSD, making him afraid to come close to Hulk ever again.

“Let’s go, we need to close the portal now!” Steve said to Natasha as Loki was no longer stopping their path.

At the same time, Nick was having his own battle inside the Helicarier.

“Are you out of your mind? No! I will never approve using a Nuclear Missile to kill the alien! I have sent my team to deal with the situation, they will definitely save New York from the alien!” Nick said annoyedly to the monitor in front of him. The International Security Council has demanded the use of Nuclear Weapon to put the war to an end!

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