Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 264


“Unless my team told me that they have failed, I will not let you use the Nuclear weapon to bomb New York with! There are still innocent civilians trapped out there!” Nick said coldly. He then turned off the communication and started to curse the stupidity that the members of International Security Council demanded him to do!

Nick than immediately switched the screen to the satellite monitor, watching the Avenger from afar! Although he knew that he couldn’t help the Avengers on their fight, he would never allow anyone to interrupt and change the course of their fight!

But at the same moment, a fighter jet equipped with Nuclear Missiles was preparing to take off unauthorizedly. The group of people in the International Security Council has lifted Nick Fury’s command without him knowing and commanded for the launch of the Nuclear Fighter jet!

The Agent on deck quickly notified Nick about the Jet’s unauthorized take off and Nick immediately ran off toward the deck and immediately blew the wings of the Fighter Jet with rocket launcher, destroying the Jet’s chance to take off! But he was too late to destroy another Jet that was also taking off!

Nick Fury was furious! The International Security Council was too adamant on levelling New York to the ground while the Avenger was looking good on their mission! But because Dio has interfered with the current timeline, he created a massive Butterfly effect!

“Need help, Director?” Coulson said as he held the Energy Gun in his hands. He immediately aimed the gun at the fighter jet and immediately shot it down in the sky!

“Coulson! You are still alive? Director, I need an explanation for this!” Agent Hill said as she saw Coulson shooting at the jet!

“I will talk about this later! Now, I need to take control of the Deck immediately! This place is off limit for every agent on this Helicarier! If anyone walks to this deck without authorization, I will shoot them down personally!” Nick said coldly!

“Sir, yes sir!” Agent Hill said as she immediately got every agent out of the deck and sealed the runway. Although she had so many questions for Nick Fury, but she knew this was not the time for that!

“Coulson! Why did you run out of your room! Didn’t I order you to stay put!” Nick asked the excited Coulson annoyedly.

“I was bored of waiting on those boring rooms! I need to get back on the field, after all, my mission is still incomplete!” Coulson said excitedly.

Nick Fury sighed as he knew that it would be impossible to keep Coulson hidden in the future, and therefore he was done hiding him!

“If that was the case then I hereby cancelled your approved vacation! Now, your task is to make sure no one comes close to this deck without my order!” Nick said annoyedly.

“Wait a minute, Director! Did you say a vacation?” Coulson said with a surprise look on his face.

“Yeah, I originally planned for you to take a vacation, after all, I need you to stay hidden from the Avengers! Now, I need an excuse about your resurrection and because you already exposed yourself, you will no longer need this vacation!” Nick said with a smirk on his face!

“If I go back inside the room, can I quietly take those vacation, Director?” Coulson asked innocently.

“Off course no! God, hell no!” Nick Fury said dismissively as he walked back inside the control room with a pleasant look on his face.

Right now, Nick’s thought was filled on how to settle the score with the dumb idiots inside International Security Council!

    . . . . . . . . . .

The Avengers who were in the middle of a fierce battle against the Chitauri Army didn’t know that they were almost backstabbed by the people they protected! They were desperately protecting the earth from an alien invasion, but those people behind their desks easily concluded that they were needing a weapon of mass destruction to absolve the alien without asking them first!

Anyway, the Avenger could escape the Nuclear strike no problem, but the City with every innocent person in it would become a victim of their incompetence! This was all too real, the leader could only order around without thinking of the consequences of their action!

They always told everyone who died that they were a sacrifice that they must make, but if the leader’s family was on the scene, they would do everything in their power to save them! What a joke!

At the same time, the Chitauri Army has noticed that they couldn’t forcibly enter the earth again! Instead, they started to gather on the other side of the portal and started firing on the earth from there!

Meanwhile, Thor was still pressured by the [Green Day] that he was holding. Because of the [Green Day]’s Effect in place, Thor couldn’t go down! The Chitauri army noticed Thor’s weird flying pattern and immediately followed suit! They began to flies in horizontal pattern while testing to go down little by little to test their own safety!

One Chitauri soldiers finally succesfully avoided [Green Day]’s ability and safely arrived at the ground!

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