Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 265


When the first Chitauri Soldier successfully reached the ground without any trouble, the rest of the army behind quickly followed suit! Dio, who was witnessing everything sighed as finally [Green Day], became useless! He couldn’t use [Green Day] if enemies were already on the ground due to the risk that the [Green Day]’s ability would spread uncontrollably!

Dio thought that he could use [Green Day] ability as many times as possible, but it seemed that the Chitauri Army was intelligent too!

“Dio! The Chitauri have found a way to break through! What should we do now?” Thor said through the Snail mind link.

“Natasha, how is the situation on your side? Are you closing the portal yet?” Dio asked as he ignored Thor’s question for now.

“Steve and I have found the portal unit! Loki’s sceptre indeed could penetrate the portal’s shield, but the energy produced by the cube was too strong! I need time to destroy it!” Natasha answered immediately!

“How long will it take for you to do that? be precise!” Dio said as his tone became serious.

“1 minute! Give me 1 minute!” Natasha said hurriedly.

“Thor! Wait for my signal; throw that thing that you are holding down and start flying upward! Don’t hesitate!” Dio said to Thor as he answered Thor’s previous question.

After finding a way to deal with the strange ability from Thor, the Chitauri Army ignored his presence completely. They didn’t know that Dio has already deactivated [Green Day]’s ability for now! But as soon as Dio was about to use his power, Tony’s voice interrupted everyone!

“Don’t close it just yet!” Tony said nervously.

“Stark! The enemy has infiltrated our lines of defence! They would swarm us again soon!” Barton said annoyedly.

“Yes, but Jarvis detected a Nuclear Missile heading our way! We need a place to dump that thing too, and the portal seems like a good choice right now!” Stark said solemnly.

“What!” everyone except Dio and Thor said simultaneously in a shocked tone.

“So, I have a plan! We hold the enemy like we already did for several more minutes and when the Nuclear Missile was already in sight, I will guide it towards the portal, as soon as the missiles enter the portal, we can close it!” Tony said solemnly. “We can’t let the civilians trapped here died by human’s error like this! what do you say, guys?” Tony asked casually.

“Have you thought that you might die by doing that?” Natasha asked worriedly.

“Well, I am the most suitable person to do this! I can fly and, I have a suit that could predict the missiles movement and a guiding path to direct it to the portal! Meaning, I am the only one who was capable of doing this!” Tony said sarcastically.

“Tony is right! We have our own responsibilities! We must hold on and wait for the Nuclear Missile to get here first! Maybe it’s dangerous, but no one else can do this besides us! After all, it was Tony’s plan. We should respect his choices!” Steve said commandingly.

“Yeah, it’s okay! After all, I am also a part-time war doctor, aren’t I? if you are still breathing, I would be able to save you!” Dio said indifferently.

Dio’s word reassured Natasha, Tony, and the others. Tony and Natasha especially since they’ve already seen Dio’s healing capabilities firsthand! As for the others, they’ve already trusted Dio enough that they wouldn’t be surprised at other strange abilities that Dio had in his sleeves!

“Okay, now. Thor! After a count of 3, you can come back to the ground!” Dio said as the [Green Day] was still absorbing the mould that it released earlier.

After the count of three, [Green Day] was already done absorbing all the mould that it has released, and Thor immediately came down to the ground. When he saw Dio, Thor was a little bit surprised as he saw that Dio was covered with a white icy armour from head to toe!

Dio has used the [White Album] once again! “Now, my preparation is done! Come forth [Horus]!” Dio said as he summoned another stand! A terrifying skeletal bird appeared behind Dio and the temperature around him immediately became even colder.

Stand Name: Horus

Description: A stand named after the Egyptian’s Sky God!

Type: Long Range Stand

Ability: Cryokinesis

Ability Description: Horus grants its user the power to generate and control over ice at a rapid rate!


Destructive Power: B

Speed: B

Range: D

Sustainability: C

Precision: E

Growth: C

Evaluation: JoJo’s version of Ice Moulding Magic used by Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail.

    . . . . . . . . .

Layer of frost appeared around Dio, freezing anything that it touched. In the first quarter of the battle, he was a berserker that readily sliced and diced the enemy at close range. Now, Dio planned to completely use the Ice and Cold Stand to dominate the enemy from afar!

Furthermore, Dio also summoned the [Hanged Man] to complete his set of distance overkill! After all, the [Hanged Man] could use the ice shards that Dio was about to throw for its own ride!

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