Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 266


Dio immediately used the Hamon Technique [Life Magnetism Overdrive] to increase [Horus]’s power! There was no need to be invisible right now, power was more important!

“Ice Blade summons!” Dio said to [Horus] coldly. Hundreds of ice shards immediately appeared around Dio, and as soon as Dio waved his hands, hundreds of ice shards were immediately shot at the Chitauri Army at an unbelievable speed!

Thor, who was observing the battlefield, was shocked! Dio’s power was too close to that of a god! The Chitauri Army that was freely coming out from the portal was immediately overwhelmed with the number of ice shards that was being shot at them! Because of the speed from the empowered [Horus], the Chitauri Army didn’t have any time to dodge!

Dio made another batch of Ice Shards and created an Ice wall on his side to prevent the enemy from coming close to attack! The ice wall was so big that so many Chitauri Army had crashed into it from the sudden appearance of 200-meter-tall Ice Wall!

“Ice Mirror Crystal!” Dio said to [Horus] and suddenly the 200-meter-tall Ice Wall shattered, and countless ice crystals floated from the ice wall’s previous location! The [Hanged Man] immediately jumped from Dio’s right eye to the countless Ice Crystals and started killing the Chitauri Soldiers that was unfortunate enough to have their image reflected in the Ice Crystal!

This was possible because Dio has been saving his Hamon Energy from the start of the battle. and thus he could achieve such a feat in the last moment like this! His ice combo was impenetrable. The [White Album] was his Close Range defence as it was an armour and also had the capabilities to reach Absolute Zero in a short distance, meanwhile [Horus] for attacking the enemy from a medium range and created any ice crystal for [Hanged Man] to move and kill its enemy!

Thor now was feeling a little bit ashamed, as he was the Son of Odin and the God of Thunder! How come he let a mortal did so much while all he did was sit back and relax! No longer able to hold his own morale, Thor immediately held the Mjolnir high up in the air and immediately call forth the thunder and lightning!

Thor began to roar and send an ungodly amount of electric charges into the air, because of his proximity, Thor’s electric charges resonated with Dio’s ice crystal in the air! As Ice was a great conductor for electricity, the thunder grew wild and electrified so many Chitauri Soldiers at once!

This combination of Ice and Thunder immediately fried a few waves of Chitauri Army in no time! Everyone else who saw what was happening was shocked to their bone as they never imagined this much raw power ever existed! The Hulk, however, showed fear again as the memory from while he was frozen by Dio’s ability resurfaced! The Hulk immediately turned around and started killing the enemy far from Dio’s position!

Now, the Chitauri Army has changed tactics! They immediately sent out the Leviathan once again as it could withstand the Ice and Thunder combination from Dio and Thor!

“Now, are you coming with me?” Dio asked Thor as Dio pulled out the [Reaper’s Gaze] to attack the enemy himself this time!

“Of course! Let’s go!” Thor said as he pulled Dio up to the air and threw him towards the nearest Leviathan.

Dio immediately communicated with the [Anubis] inside the [Reaper’s Gaze]. Thus he knew that [Reaper’s Gaze] has accumulated so many energies from the previous battle, and this was the right time to release it!

The blade from the scythe began to glow red, and it started to change its appearance once more! If it was a large scythe before that looked like a farmer extra-large scythe, now the handle began to grow, and the scythe became more like a war scythe! Dio immediately swung the scythe down as he fell towards the Leviathan, and an energy wave immediately appeared from the scythe and cut the Leviathan in two, and it fell to the ground without any more movement!

Compared with Dio’s clean kill, Thor took a lot more effort to bring down one of the Leviathans. He slammed the Leviathan’s Armour, and once it broke, he summoned the thunder to attack the Leviathan’s flesh directly! After this kind of show, Thor was already at his limit, physically and mentally!

Other heroes, excluding Dio, were all in the same condition, they all were already fatigued as the enemy kept popping out without end. For Dio himself, this was because he has already increased his Max Hamon Energy, and he was saving his power at the beginning of the battle. If he went all out from the beginning, he may be more fatigued than the others heroes by now!

“Natasha! Get ready to close it! I am on my way with the Nuclear Missiles!” Tony finally said from the snail mind link.

“Okay! I’ll get ready!” Natasha said as she finally pushed the sceptre inside the energy shield of the portal!

Dio saw Tony coming from afar with the Missile on his back. After Tony reached a certain distance from the portal, Dio saw that Tony activated all his thruster and changed the Missiles’ trajectory towards the portal!

To help Tony reach the portal without being gunned down by the enemy, Thor immediately flew close and shot lightning towards the enemy that flew toward Tony! Everyone else was looking at Tony’s figure nervously, including Nick Fury, who was observing the fight from the Helicarier.

Although he had successfully avoided the Missiles Launch from the Helicarier, the International Security Council has launched the missiles from elsewhere!

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