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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 267


The Chitauri Army noticed that Natasha was trying to close the portal, and many of them immediately flew hurriedly toward Natasha! Dio looked at Tony’s position and noticed that he almost reached the portal, so Dio thought that there was no need for him to save any more Hamon Energy! He activated his attacking Stand, and with the Hulk in tow, Dio did everything he could to prevent the Chitauri from reaching Natasha!

Meanwhile, Thor was flying with Tony to escort him safely to the portal. After all, he couldn’t let the Chitauri attack the missiles and set off the explosion accidentally!

Fortunately, the worst-case scenario didn’t happen, and the Chitauri Army didn’t detect any danger that Tony was holding! This fact gave Tony the chance to rush towards the portal as soon as he could! Tony released the Nuclear Missiles right towards the Chitauri Mothership, and it exploded brilliantly in the outer space!

As soon as the Mothership was destroyed, all remaining Chitauri and Leviathan left in earth immediately fell from the sky and died. They were semi-organic creatures, meaning that they have someone or something that controlled them, once the Mothership was destroyed, whatever it was that controlled them was also dead with it!

“Close the portal!” Steve said to Natasha hurriedly.

“No, wait! He may run out of energy already!” Dio said as he knew that Tony almost fell to his death in the Avenger Movie. Everyone obeyed Dio’s word as they too wanted Tony to come back alive. A few more seconds passed, and as they were starting to think that Tony has died with the explosion, a familiar figure fell out of the portal.

“It’s Tony! Close the portal quickly!” Dio said hurriedly.

Natasha no longer hesitated and immediately rammed the sceptre into the Cube and knocked it off the machine that opened the portal! The portal was immediately closed as it lost its primary energy source! The beam of lights that signalled the war on earth finally faded as the war was finally over!

But the celebration was short-lived, Tony was free-falling from the sky while Hulk and Thor were trying to save him, meanwhile, the machine that created the portal exploded! Luckily Steve was near Natasha, so he was able to block the explosion with his Vibranium Shield, but unfortunately, they both were pushed out of the 10-story building!

Barton quickly jumped off from the building that he was currently in and shot an arrow to the SHIELD’s building and immediately glided to save Natasha and Steve, but unfortunately, he could only reach Steve in time!

“Natasha!” Barton shouted as he failed to reach her in time.

At this critical moment, Dio switched the [World] with [Hermit Purple] and immediately tied Natasha to the wall with it! It seemed that everyone was safe. But, unfortunately for them, another figure immediately rushed towards the sceptre that was blown off earlier, and after that he immediately jumped forward and quickly rushed towards the Cube that was lying around the pathway in front of SHIELD’s base.

Dio was visibly annoyed at the man’s critical timing. So, he immediately used [Horus] to shoot several Ice Shards to knock the man or possibly kill him if that was possible. But the man easily fended off the flying ice shards with the Loki Sceptre in his hands, Dio immediately used [Hermit Purple] to take the Cube on the pathway as he didn’t want that thing to also fall into the Hydra’s hand! Once doing that, Dio also created an Ice Wall to block the man’s way towards the Cube with [Horus], but the man easily destroyed the Ice Wall with his Biomechanical arm!

Dio was annoyed beyond belief! He couldn’t think of anything to capture the man now as [Hermit Purple]’s vine would be too weak against this man! But thankfully, Dio’s vine power reached the Cube before the man did. So, the man immediately escaped, with Loki’s sceptre in his hands.

Dio immediately made a move to chase after the guy, but another thing interrupted him from doing so!

“Dio! Tony isn’t breathing!” Thor said through the mind link.

Dio groaned and immediately pulled Natasha up and rushed towards Tony to save his life!

“Let me check him, out of the way!” Dio said as he immediately checked Tony’s vital.

Dio immediately relaxed as he felt Tony still had a pulse and that the snail wasn’t dead just yet! Tony was just in suspended animation, meaning that the guy was forcing himself too hard, and that made him collapse! Furthermore, Dio noticed that the light from Tony’s Arc Reactor was also dim, meaning that the Ark Reactor had already exhausted its energy!

“Thor, tap Tony’s chest a little bit with your Mjolnir, it should wake him up!” Dio said casually.

“Are you sure I can do this?” Thor asked confusedly.

“Hurry up, just do it! trust me on this one!” Dio said hurriedly to make Thor do it without further questioning.

Dio was smart, at least he felt like if Thor immediately tapped Tony’s Arc Reactor with Mjolnir a little bit, electricity would spark from Mjolnir to Tony’s Ark Reactor. After a while, Tony opened his eyes and hurriedly took a deep breath!

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