Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 268


“What happened? No one’s going to kiss me better?” Tony asked sarcastically.

Dio and the other immediately sighed in relief, and since Tony was still as sarcastic as ever, everyone knew that nothing was wrong with him!

Natasha and Barton immediately walked forward, and the Avenger looked at each other in relief as they survived the war against an alien invader!

“We won! Good job guys! I suggest you take a day off tomorrow and rest, but I am starving right now! Did you guys ever eat shawarma? I know a shawarma place that was said to be the tastiest in New York! Want to go get it?” Tony said sarcastically.

“it’s not over just yet!” Thor said as he looked at Loki, who was still lying around in the place Hulk smashed him before.

“Oh yeah, there is bad news and good news too that I have to tell you guys. The bad news is that Loki’s sceptre has been stolen once again, and the good news is that I successfully recover the Cube!” Dio said indifferently.

Dio had enough for today as he was starving and only want a quiet place to eat and went back home to sleep!

He had to think about Asgard later, as he knew that the main way to Asgard right now was only with Odin’s power or the Cube, and he didn’t want to rush things just yet!

Barton also saw the person who snatched Loki’s sceptre earlier, but he didn’t need to say anything as he knew that everyone didn’t care about the sceptre now! They will have to search for the sceptre later!

“Director Fury has sent over a chopper for us to ride, for now, let’s tie Loki up so that he wouldn’t try to escape later!” Natasha said tiredly.

“I hope this time, he doesn’t come with another missile!” Dio said sarcastically.

“Yeah, that was a betrayal, that kind of behavior would undoubtedly be punished by death in Asgard!” Thor said coldly.

The other remained silent as they didn’t know what happened and why they were being bombed by Nuclear Missile!

But they realized that even if they knew the reason behind the bombing, they wouldn’t be the one to tell the others!

But surely, they were worried about Nick’s safety as Dio and Thor were angered about the missile situation.

  . . . . . . . . .

When a Quinn Jet landed, the Avenger handed over Loki to them, and Tony immediately got a taxi to the Turkish barbeque where they would have shawarma!

The surprising thing was that even after the alien has attacked the city, a taxi still drove around on the road, trying to look for a customer and the restaurant that Tony brought them to wasn’t affected that much either from the Alien attack and still operated as if nothing happened!

After they ordered shawarma, everyone was sitting around the table in silence while eating their shawarma. After 20 minutes or so, Dio couldn’t stand the scene any longer!

“Ohh, for crying out loud! Let me cook dinner for you guys! Today, it’s on the house!” Dio said as he knew the shawarma tasted like shit! The shop owner let Dio use their kitchen as they couldn’t say no to him as they saw what Dio was capable of!

Seeing the ingredient in the kitchen, Dio sighed and decided to fry some meat and made some Turkish barbeque with rice and salad on the side!

Dio swapped [White Album] with [Pearl Jam] and decided stamina recovery for the treatment effect!

It didn’t take long for Dio to serve the simple dish that he made, but it would certainly taste amazing, just like the other dishes that he made with [Pearl Jam].

Simply smelling the dish made their mouth watery, and the shawarma that they were holding was soon dropped and forgotten!

“Did you also add the usual recipe?” Natasha asked curiously. Tony was also listening intently as he was also curious about that.

“Yeah, I added a little bit with the effect to relieve some fatigue and enhanced your healing factor a little bit. the side effect would be none as it wouldn’t try to heal any major parts of your body!” Dio said casually.

Natasha and Tony nodded their head in excitement as the others were confused about their conversation.

However, even though they didn’t understand the conversation, they still could smell the fragrant dish, and so they started eating immediately.

As soon as they tasted the dish, everyone except Tony and Natasha was surprised by the delicious taste that they never tasted before!

Their appetites flared up and soon buried themselves on eating rage! They started to consume the barbeque, rice, and salad without any manner and occasionally gave a thumbs up to Dio’s direction!

“This is the true Turkish barbeque! I love it to death!” Tony said as he ate his final spoonful of rice.

The restaurant owner and the chef were speechless as the reaction between their food with Dio’s food was far too different, while the ingredients in their kitchen were the same!

The chef immediately ran back to the kitchen and tasted the barbeque that Dio made, but he still found the same flavor that he usually created! He began to wonder whether his customers were actors!

In the meantime, Dio has already made a large portion for all Avenger members. But he never expected they would have this big appetite as everything was gone in a matter of minutes!

The first one to finish his portion was Thor, and he began to look over to the others’ plate while also trying to get some for himself!

But unfortunately, for Thor, no one wanted to share! Normally, Tony or Steve would share their food with Thor to show some earth courtesy, but as this food was probably one of the best foods, if not the best that they have ever tasted!

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