Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 269


Right after finishing their meal, Dio quickly warned them.

“Okay, now that you have finished eating everything, you will feel your whole body gradually become active again, and maybe an itch in a couple of places, but don’t worry. It was all the treatment from the food that I cooked! It’s all to relieve your fatigue and heal your wounds.” Dio said casually as he knew some of them would make a big deal out of it if Dio never told them what was happening.

They all nodded, and Steve was surprised as soon as Dio finished speaking, the wound on his shoulder began to itch, and as he looked at it, the wound was starting to heal at a speed that was visible to the human’s eye!

Not too long after that, the wound disappeared, and Steve’s shoulder returned to how it was before as if there wasn’t any wound there in the first place!

“This is unbelievable!” Steve said in awe, while the other also felt the same and started fussing about their own injuries, only Natasha and Tony that were enjoying the treatment in peace.

But as soon as the relieving fatigue side effect occurred, all of them couldn’t stay silent as they felt that their body was like being massaged by a top-level professional masseur!

Natasha and the other Avenger members started to moan in delight as their body was being treated from top to bottom.

If anyone walked outside the restaurant right now, they might be getting the wrong idea here!

After a few minutes passed, the treatment process was over! Natasha and the others lied on their chair with a satisfied look on their face.

“It’s really amazing! Now I am ready to take care of another wave of Chitauri Army!”  Thor said as he flexed his muscle.

Everyone else also felt the same, they were all healed, and their stamina was restored like it never was!

Except for their clothes that were still in tatter, no one would believe that they have just finished a war against the alien army!

“Is this also one of your abilities?” Steve asked curiously. He didn’t know Dio as good as the other members, and that applied to The Hulk as well. But the thing that intrigued the Captain was that Dio seemed to have so many abilities that seemed endless! Controlling the ice, shapeshifting weapon, and even an incredible strength!

Even compared to a god-like Thor, Steve could say that Dio was still more terrifying if anyone who became his enemy wouldn’t know what to do next! Steve concluded that Dio was unfathomable as well as mysterious!

“Well, I am a part-time doctor, but my actual job is a chef! If you come to my restaurant next time, I will give you a 5% discount!” Dio smiled as he gave Steve his business card. Steve was speechless as he read Dio’s Fantasy Restaurant on the card and Dio’s phone number for reservation.

After that small bit of exchange, they decided to leave the restaurant as they began to attract too much attention to themselves.

As always, Tony was left to deal with the payment, and they waited outside for the Quinn Jet. Now that they were already done eating, there was still so much more stuff they had to figure out, like the Cube, Loki’s sceptre, and Loki himself! Also, there was the Nuclear Missiles issue too!

Dio knew that the leaders of the countries working together with the International Security Council have already started feeling insecure about the existence of the Avenger.

They only used the nuclear missiles as an excuse to end the Alien invasion while they intended for the Avenger to perish along with the alien!

Of course, this was what Dio found out from the movie, but after changing so much stuff, he needed to ask Fury directly for the real reason!

If some people dared to interfere with his life, he didn’t mind killing them too! After all, if some politicians died, the world will still work like nothing happened!

A politician was not a necessary cog in this world anyway!

  . . . . . . . . . .

At the same time, in the Helicarier, Nick was having an online meeting with the International Security Council.

“You see that my team could defend against the alien invasion with their own strength! They did not only apprehend Loki, the culprit, but also successfully secured the Cube! Judging from the result here, you are the ones that make the wrong decision!” Nick Fury said coldly.

The International Security Council members that participated in the meeting were all silent as they faced against an aggressive Nick Fury! But there was no way they’d admit that they have made a wrong decision!

“That is just a fluke! If there is another situation like this one next time, will you still entrust the world’s safety to those freaks? And don’t you forget that SHIELD’s resources are in our hands! Our decision is already a consent from everyone else, meaning that you don’t get a say for that matter! Please learn your position, director! We can revoke your status and replace you with someone else if we want to!” one member of the council spoke to Fury with a warning tone.

After hearing the words that come from the council member, Nick Fury punched the table in anger.

“A fluke? Do you call that a fluke? If it is not because of your shit-stained Nuclear Missiles, they would have completed the task earlier! SHIELD’s resources indeed came from you, but don’t you forget that this time, the people that protected the Earth was my people. If I ever share this situation online, I don’t know how much the public would berate you for your stupid decision, so don’t ever talk to me like that ever again!” Fury said furiously!

“Then, you can shove those freaks up your ass and go to hell already!” The Council member from earlier cursed at Fury as he was also angry at Fury’s insubordinate action.

“Why don’t you worry about yourself first! If these freaks ever know your whereabout, they might pay you a visit! But sadly, they don’t care whether you’re dead or alive!” Fury said as he cut off the communication.

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