Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 270


“Despite the City was devastated of so many destroyed buildings from the Alien attack, the heroic feat of the Avenger team was a hope to many people that the world still has their guardians!”  the news anchor said as they ended their program. The people on the road also chanted the Avenger’s name proudly as they felt the rise of the superheroes was all that they need in this dark time.

  . . . . . . . .

A few days later, the news was still raging on all kinds of information that they got about the Avengers, while almost everyone also talked about them on the street. And somewhere, in the SHIELD’s secret base, Nick was also watching the news while having the meetings again with the International Security Council. He knows that this was the final showdown between him and the council regarding the Avenger.

Meanwhile, the council has collected information regarding every member of the Avenger, and thus they knew that some of them had the power to destroy nations, or even earth itself! That was the real reason why they let Fury control the SHIELD as its director instead of banishing him.

“Where are the Avengers right now?” a council member asked Fury.

“They took a vacation. They deserved it after fighting a difficult battle.” Fury answered casually.

“The Cube? Where is it now?” the Council member asked again.

“It safe! Returned to its rightful place!” Fury answered monotonously.

“You have no right to make that decision!” The council said as they were getting annoyed with Fury’s behaviour.

“Well, that is not my decision either, a god made that decision, I just agreed!” Nick said as he showed them a photo where Thor held the Cube.

“So, you let him take the Cube? What about Loki? Who would bring him to justice? He should be punished heavily for his crime!” The Council member asked beratingly.

“Oh, he would be heavily punished; there is no need for you to question that!” Nick said casually.

“I think you didn’t understand the current situation is! With the Avenger returned to society, the people would be in danger, they are all dangerous!” The council member said solemnly.

Nick suddenly laughed as he didn’t understand the insecurity that these people felt!

“It is true that they are a dangerous individual, but they are also world-famous! Did you ever know what happened to a government who locked a world-famous person without any actual reason? You will receive constant nagging from protesters and maybe a ploy to coup the current government and such!” Nick said indifferently.

The council member immediately fell silent as they knew that what Fury has just told them was true! In fact, they already knew what would happen if they suddenly put a dangerous status on those people. In addition, their decision to launch a nuclear weapon on that day was also criticized harshly by many countries. The post-war results stated that the launch of the nuclear missile was unnecessary!

This decision was a bitter fruit that they could only choose to swallow. They still wouldn’t admit that they were wrong, but as the public and so many people have already agreed that they were wrong, they let the result talk rather than admitting it themselves!

  . . . . . . . . . . .

When the meeting was over, and the communication was cut off, one member of the council was surprised to see that a man was already standing behind him!

“You are the one who advocated the launch of the nuclear missiles, aren’t you?” The man said coldly.

The council member wanted to reach for his gun, but as soon as he heard the voice, he decided not to. “You are from the Avenger, aren’t you? I have already read your profile, what do you want?” the council member asked nervously. He remembered this man’s voice as he was the one who seemed to be the most terrifying out of all the other Avenger members. He also knew that this guy didn’t appreciate any sort of aggressive behaviour, so he ought to stay calm!

“What I want to do depends on what you have to say! Now, the first question! Did you want to get rid of all the Avenger members? Now, I would like an honest answer! Believe it or not, I can detect whether you are lying or not! If I notice that you are lying, I promise you that you will regret ever being born in this world!” Dio said coldly.

The council member gulped his spit down as he was starting to get more nervous after hearing what Dio has asked! For a second, his mind made up a lot of lies that seemed very reasonable and he even wondered about it for a while, but he immediately decided not to as his instinct told him that he would die if he lied!

He immediately told the truth, although he found it difficult!

“At first, we just wanted to prevent the situation from developing even worse than it already was, it may be difficult for you to believe, but we must make a decision for this kind of thing whether it was a responsible decision or not. But, when we saw the video when you guys started fighting against the alien, it’s undeniable that we also felt panicked and uneasy!” the Council member said sincerely.

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