Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 271


As the Council Member told Dio the truth, Dio sighed as it all made sense, and all of it was a matter of perspectives.

It was like the war itself. In order to gain an advantage, they would need to sacrifice something!

It was just that from Dio’s point of view, he wasn’t a soldier who had to obey someone, and he also didn’t have the noble idea to sacrifice everything to gain an advantage, and so the explanation that the council member just told him, still didn’t sit well with him!

“Then, the second question! If, by any chance, your family, I mean all your family was in New York at that time, what would you do? Would you still make the same decision?” Dio asked casually.

The council member failed to give his answer to Dio immediately. If this was a tv interview, he wouldn’t hesitate to say yes and then used it as an expression for justice!

But now, sitting in front of someone that was hostile and capable of doing so many things, he couldn’t lie!

So, after thinking about it time and time again, the council member finally gave his answer.

“if I were the younger version of me, say 30 or 20 years younger, I will be answering with yes immediately! But now, I can’t do that! I would probably send a rescue team to save them first before I even consider firing the missile!” the Council member said sincerely. “But of course, that is just my selfish thought! If the situation got too serious and I must make the decision on the spot, I would’ve done the same thing!” The Council member added as he leaned back to his chair with a loud sigh!

Dio apparently didn’t believe the council member just yet as he immediately took a drop of sweat from the council member’s face and analyzed it with his Hamon Energy.

With his understanding of the Hamon Energy, Dio knew that he didn’t have to lick the sweat from people’s face to know whether that person was lying or not!

But after he got his answer, Dio sighed again and immediately walked towards the door.

“Is my decision really wrong at that time?” the Council member asked Dio weakly.

Dio stopped for a while, and suddenly, a chilling wind swept through the council member’s body, the council member thought that he would die at that time, but it didn’t happen. Dio only made him felt cold!

“I don’t know, you might be right at that time, but one thing for sure! Don’t mess with me again! Otherwise, next time you wouldn’t be so lucky!” Dio said coldly as he started to walk outside of the room.

When the council member opened his eyes, he was still trembling from the cold, but there was no one else in his room!

He quickly opened the window to get rid of cold air and prepared for a hot bath! He couldn’t help but wonder whether Dio’s word was a threat or a warning.

So, he began to think about how he should face the Avenger in the future!

  . . . . . . . . . .

On the other hand, Dio immediately received a call from Nick as soon as he left the council member’s house.

“I was surprised that you actually don’t kill him! Your acting was too realistic! I guess it should tame the group of International Security Council Member for a while! But I think you will become their next target. I wouldn’t be surprised if they amassed a lot of resources to keep tabs on you.” Nick Fury said teasingly.

Acting? Did you ever think so? Well, I don’t want any reason for them to start chasing after the people I care.” Dio said with a bored expression. He didn’t want the hassle to explain everything to Fury as it would take a long time and an unnecessary amount of questions from Fury.

As the truth went, if Dio found that the result from his lie detector said otherwise, and he found that the council member was lying, after all, the council member would’ve already become an ice sculpture!

It was ridiculous that Fury truly believed that he only wanted to scare this council member. Or maybe Fury expected Dio to kill this council member?

After all, he always became a thorn on Fury’s side. Maybe Fury really was expecting Dio to kill this guy!

But no matter what the real reason Fury shared the Council information was, the result was enough for now.

A few hours later, Dio hurried back to New York, where Thor, Tony, and the others have waited for him.

Thor was finally able to go home after he got Odin’s consent, and they would celebrate for the last time before splitting up to do their own task for a while.

When Dio landed with the Quinn Jet, Tony immediately teased him.

“Hey, I heard that you’re troubled by some people. Did you need any help dealing with any of them?” Tony asked teasingly.

“I’ve already done my best! I already ‘visited’ the guy, but I don’t know whether it would bring a positive change or not! I just hope that nothing bad would happen to the guy as I would become the suspect for it!” Dio said casually.

“Don’t worry. I would become the first one to say that you are indeed a criminal!” Tony said while laughing loudly.

Dio only gave Tony a middle finger and then immediately greeted the others.

“By the way, Dio. The state has already issued an order and provided a huge number of subsidies for New York’s resident who was affected by the alien attack! Your restaurant is also on the list, and the government would try to restore it to its original state!” Natasha said as he walked over to Dio and handed him a document.

Dio nodded to Natasha and put away the document for now. Dio’s restaurant was unfortunately affected by the Alien attack as one leviathan fell on Chinatown directly on top of Dio’s restaurant.

Everything that Dio had inside the restaurant was destroyed, but on the contrary, the Porsche and the villa were still intact, and not any harm was caused to those two items!

Dio was visibly irritated as it meant that he lost quite a lot of money from the unnecessary rent and insurance!

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