Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 272


All preparation for the war that Dio had done all this time was down the drain now! If he knew that things like this would happen, he would’ve bought the villa instead of renting it and the car too! The insurance money was for nothing as he couldn’t use it now!

Dio was speechless. He set aside the insurance problem for now and thought about his restaurant. He was wondering whether to build the new restaurant at the same site or move it to a better place.

After all, the reason he worked at the restaurant was gone. Even though the restaurant would be built with exactly the same model as the old one, it wouldn’t feel right anymore!

But Tony disrupted Dio’s thought by smacking Dio’s head with a document.

“What the hell! Tony!” Dio said a little bit annoyedly.

“Read it, stupid! I will rebuild my stark tower, and I’ve already bought all plots of land like around here! Pick your choice, and I would give that place as your new restaurant!” Tony said casually.

Dio was annoyed! Tony was acting like some rich little snob right now, but this was not Dio’s first time to see Tony acted like this!

Dio also knew that with the kind of money that Tony had, Dio wouldn’t be surprised if Tony bought all New York!

There was no wonder that every hero in the comic and the movie wanted to be Tony’s friend. They would get the best out of everything as Tony only had the best kind of everything!

But Dio also realized that Tony only do this out of gratitude for the snail that saved his life. This was so Tony, Dio wouldn’t be surprised to hear that his actual reason was that he wanted to get close to Dio’s restaurant so that he wouldn’t have to track a long drive to get to Dio’s place for a meal!

So, with that in mind, Dio chose the most open spot and the best place for a restaurant and gave the document back to Tony.

“Now, you could design my place all you want, I will pay you back as soon as I get back my insurance money!” Dio said casually.

“Okay, fine by me,” Tony said casually, he has already said that he would give it to Dio for free, but if Dio chose to pay, Tony wouldn’t reject that as he knew that Dio was very stubborn.

Dio was a little bit excited about this because Dio knew that land in the center of New York was very expensive, and he could use that fact to raise his restaurant’s price a little bit more!

After all, Dio knew that those rich people would do anything to maintain their perfect image! He believed that he would get more money after his restaurant’s reopening.

And for his friends, they were back one after another. They were starting from Will, who had a great time on his vacation after Dio bought him a ticket to Hawaii for several days and some pocket money to spend.

Then comes Jessica, who was so thankful for Dio’s warning about the war that would take place in New York. She also convinced her parents that they should leave New York for the time being, although she had to persuade them, at least her parents were safe from the alien invasion!

Then Kristine also called that she was thankful for Dio to give her the warning to leave New York, and when she was back, she hoped to go to a club next time Dio wasn’t busy.

After the phone call from all of his dear ones, Dio chatted casually with other Avengers until Banner brought the machine that created the portal for the Alien Invasion earlier.

But this time, it was for a different purpose. This time, it was to create a portal for Thor to return to Asgard.

As Banner and Tony prepared the machine, Thor asked Dio once again.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t come with me to Asgard? Without the rainbow bridge, I don’t know If I would be able to come back to earth.” Thor asked solemnly.

Dio was silent for a second as he really wanted to go to Asgard to experience the culture there, and the best thing was to get a Pegasus for his new pet or the best thing yet, earn a bunch of gold for his next gatcha!

But as Thor said it himself, how could he return to earth without the Rainbow Bridge fixed? He couldn’t use the Space Gem from the Cube as he saw fit, nor could he ask Odin to use his power to send Dio back to earth!

After all, if by any chance, Odin didn’t have a good impression of him, Dio didn’t have a place to return there!

“Nah, I think I would pass this time. But remember to bring me some Uru Metal if you ever back to earth!” Dio said while smiling casually to Thor.

“Hey, that metal is the precious treasure of Asgard because of its rarity! Not even I can give it away that easily!” Thor said casually.

Dio was a little bit disappointed but, he knew that Thor didn’t mean that he didn’t want to give Dio the metal, but Thor was an honest person, and so with that in mind, Dio would have to ask Odin himself to give him one!

“Now, let’s meet again when the time gave me the possibility to come back to Earth!” Thor said as he walked toward the shining light produced by the machine with Loki and the Cube in his hands.

Then Thor and Loki disappeared from everyone’s sight.

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