Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 273


On their way back, Dio was curious to ask Tony a question.

“Tony! What is wrong with Steve? Why would he be so down after Thor and Loki go? Does he have some serious stuff with Thor? Or was he charmed by Loki?” Dio said curiously while also teasing Tony.

“What are you talking about?” Tony asked, annoyedly.

“You know, if the Captain who was regarded as the Hero of the United States of America was somehow like any other man, I don’t mind, you know. I don’t have any problem with the LGBT group.” Dio said casually.

“No, you idiots! How can you jump to that conclusion? Anyway, that’s not it! Steve was able to see the person who took Loki’s sceptre at the end of the battle, and he knows who it is!” Tony said annoyedly.

Now he thought that maybe he had gotten too lax around Dio that he found Dio’s word was already too annoying for him to take.

Dio immediately realized what happened. He almost forgot that the guy would show up eventually! Bucky, the Winter Soldier, should come after the Ultron incident, not now!

But this also showed the fact that the Hydra was still operational somewhere, as Winter Soldier was Hydra’s product!

But from the timing of Winter Soldier’s appearance, Dio concluded that there must be a Hydra Agent inside the SHIELD’s Helicarier!

But when he thought for the time that Tony learned the truth that his parent was killed by none other than Bucky himself, he was excited to see the fight that would happen between Tony, Steve, and Bucky!

Dio couldn’t help but laugh at the exciting battle that will happen later!

As he felt malice from his side, Tony shuddered and took a step away from Dio subconsciously.

  . . . . . . . . . .

When Dio returned to his villa, he was surprised that a familiar figure has already waited for him.

“Kristine?” Dio said curiously.

“Dio!” Kristine said excitedly while running towards Dio to give him a hug.

“I haven’t seen you for a while. What brings you here?” Dio asked casually.

Kristine immediately flustered and answered shyly.

“I was just from my friend’s place, and I think I must come over and thank you in person for saving me and my family’s life! When I saw what happened to New York from England, I was horrified! And, I want to check on you too.” She said quickly. Dio immediately kissed her to silence her for a moment as he couldn’t hear her clearly.

“Did that calm you down?” Dio said with a smile as he parted his lips from Kristin’s.

Kristine’s face was red as she was embarrassed from her little mumble earlier, but this time she was a little bit confident after she knew that Dio also had an interest in her as a woman.

“No, you make my heart beat faster by that kiss! You have to analyze what is happening to my heart now!” Kristine said as she smiled at Dio.

“Aw, shoot! I didn’t think I have ever received the lesson about that from you before, care to teach me now?” Dio flirted.

“Of course, it was never too late to learn!” Kristine said as Dio invited her to his villa.

A few hours later, they finished their study session and lying exhausted in bed. Dio was currently listening to Kristine’s story as she feared her wits after knowing what happened in New York.

“Dio, how did you got the information that Alien would attack New York in advance like that? You have to be more than a simple restaurant owner!” Kristine said curiously.

Looking at Kristine’s bright eyes, Dio wanted to say his identity immediately as he knew how curiosity could become a problem.

“Well, you are right! As a matter of fact, I am a restaurant owner simply for my daily life identity; the truth is …” Dio was immediately interrupted by a kiss from Kristine.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to go on. I know that people who have a secret identity mean that they want to protect people that they were close with, so I realize that it could become a problem for you later if you told me now. but as you want to be honest with me is already enough to satisfy my curiosity!” Kristine said as she parted her lips from Dio’s.

Dio was surprised to hear those endearing words from Kristine, so he smiled warmly at Kristine.

“By the way, how about the hospital that you work for? did it survive the invasion?” Dio asked as he returned the topic to Kristine.

“Oh yeah, before I came back to New York, I have called Stephen about his condition and the hospital. Fortunately, he was okay and that the hospital was fine too! When the invasion happened, he was in the middle of a surgery, but I am glad that nothing bad happened to him or the people inside the hospital.” Kristine said sincerely.

Dio knew that Kristine was a very loyal friend. When she was about to leave New York with her family, she also persuaded Stephen to come along, but of course, Stephen only took her as a joke.

But Dio also knew that nothing would happen to Strange, at least not until the car crash that would direct his life to the Ancient One!

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